Fiedler Audio Intros Spacelab Version 1.5 Public Beta With Direct 3D Reverb Feed Into Dolby Atmos Composer

Fiedler Audio, ‘the German reverb professionals’, has announced Spacelab 1.5, a significant update to their 3D Reverb, developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute.

Spacelab 1.5 now seamlessly integrates with Dolby Atmos Composer. This means that there is now a 3D Reverb plug-in that feeds directly into the complete Dolby Atmos Bed.

Here’s what’s new in Spacelab Interstellar and Spacelab Ignition 1.5:

  • Seamless integration with Dolby Atmos Composer
  • LFE HANDLING – LFE signals at the input will be handled properly and passed through to the output speaker layout. Spacelab’s speaker layout editor allows for freely assigning LFE(s) to the respective channel(s).
  • Reworked Binauraliser Algorithm
  • Better and smoother 3D panning plus 2 additional new spaces . The options Space – R,
    Space – E and Space – O and the new Spaces A1 and A2 offer different overall tonal characters. Depending on the content now there is a choice for getting the best possible room response for monitoring and binaural production.
  • Apple Silicon Support
  • Mono Switch in Spacelab Beam addresses unwanted stereo operation forced by some DAWs (eg. Ableton LIVE, Reaper, BitWig)
  • Open Beam Editor directly from Spacelab
  • Beam Manual Delay Compensation on all DAWs – Allows for manual compensation of latency issues in buggy hosts (Logic Pro X 10.7.8, Pro Tools 2023.6)

See the Fiedler Audio site for details.

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