Korg NTS-1 Eurorack Module Conversion Kit

ISOGRID has introduced the NTS-1 Eurorack Conversion Faceplate Kit for Korg Nu:Tekt digital Synthesizer, a DIY mod that lets you integrate the NTS-1 with your modular synthesizer.

The Korg NTS-1 Eurorack conversion kit is made from durable 1.6mm FR-4 PCB material. This kit gives you access to all the features of the NTS-1 in a sleek 26 HP Eurorack format. With this conversion kit, you can use your Korg NTS-1 as a mono or stereo effects processor, a syncable clock, and a fully playable synthesizer.


  • Converts Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 to standard 3U Eurorack Format
  • Direct bolt-on kit
  • Plug & Play TRS cables – no soldering required
  • 1-to-3 Passive Multiples
  • Dedicated L / R Inputs and Outputs
  • Access to Sync In / Out + MIDI IN from faceplate
  • Custom noise isolator + power supply included


  • (1) Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Faceplate
  • (5) Pre-Installed TRS Cables
  • (1) 16 Pin Bus Board Cable w/ USB Noise Isolator
  • (1) 9” Right-Angle USB Micro – USB A Cable
  • (4) M3 x 8mm Black Philips Screws

Pricing and Availability

The NTS-1 Eurorack Conversion Faceplate Kit is priced at $129. It’s currently listed as sold out, but they say more are on the way.

9 thoughts on “Korg NTS-1 Eurorack Module Conversion Kit

  1. I was also thinking about putting my NTS-1 into rack, but $129 just for the PCB panel with jack sockets and a cheap USB isolator seems like a bit too much. I’d expect at least an amp to pull the output to eurorack levels. I mean the NTS-1 itself is about $100.
    Also wonder how Korg will react to the fact that they use their name on this product.
    But hey, the video is nicely produced.

    1. no doubt a cease and desist at some point. but it looks classy and despite the price I would not have hesitated if i were on eurocrack

  2. the NTS 1/8 inch jacks are surface mount. i pulled a pad within a month. this would alleviate failures of this type. however, I have an H8000 instead, so… bone pile.

  3. It’s about $110 more than it’s worth. I’ve been working on and off on something like this but using the headers on the PCB and trying to get to grips with developing an entirely new top panel (Korg provide an open source project to aid this; sadly the chip shortage makes it a bit hard to get into at the moment) rather than just bolting something entirely passive on top, putting in level shifters and some CV/Gate circuitry. I’d be embarrassed to do less.

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