MOD Audio Announces Three AI-Powered Guitar Amp Simulation Plugins

MOD Audio has introduced three AI-powered guitar amp simulation plugins, in collaboration with Aida DSP:

  • Vibro: American Sound – based on an original Fender Vibrolux amplifier, carefully modeled with AI.
  • JCVM: British Tone – captured from an iconic Marshall JVM410H amp head.
  • Tweaker: Every Sound – trained with the Egnater Tweaker 40 amp head.

The plugins use an elaborate “conditional modelling” approach, capturing the amplifier’s sound with the volume or gain knob in various positions and leveraging AI to extrapolate the rest. The company says that this technique provides musicians with precise control over their sound, delivering exceptional realism and responsiveness.

The plugins can be used with any of MOD Audio’s processors.

The company says that by combining advanced AI and groundbreaking modelling techniques, these plugins deliver great authenticity, responsiveness, and sonic depth.

Pricing and Availability:

The plugins are now available at the MOD Plugin Shop for 19,90€ each.

9 thoughts on “MOD Audio Announces Three AI-Powered Guitar Amp Simulation Plugins

  1. AI is the crappiest buzzword yet. got an overworked, uninspired idea? just slap AI on it!
    or bit masking, or my favorite binaural. the b-team designers are hard at work finding trivial ideas and hyping them to the sky.

    1. How is ‘binaural’ a crappy buzzword?

      If you’ve got the firepower, binaural synthesis sounds a lot more interesting than a mono signal panned and run through effects.

  2. The text says it was modeled with AI. That might be more funny than saying it has AI in it. “Modeled with AI” means you feed a schematic to a program that knows how translate a part in to code. Not really AI. I kind of ignore plugins that make the AI claim because when you ask them about it, they either won’t or can’t explain how it’s used because they already know it’s not AI.

    1. strongly agree. none of it’s AI. it’s just opaque algorithms with marketing spin; intelligent algorithms, ‘electronic brain’, expert systems, actionable analytics, data mining, ecosystem, digital transformation. it’s all garbage. i’ve been in meetings where this crap gets loosely tossed around to hide the public from a less than exciting ‘improvement’. pass.

      1. Mike & John

        It sounds like neither of you have a real understanding of what AI is.

        Saying that something is built with AI does not mean that there’s a ‘robo guy’ doing the programming, that they are feeding a computer a schematic, or that companies are just spouting marketing BS.

        What it means is that developers are using computers to automate tasks that people can do, but at a scale that would not be feasible using people. In a lot of cases, this delivers an exponential leap in capability for the process.

        Think about how Watson could play every chess master in the world, at the same time, and beat them. Or think about how Yahoo human-curated search results were rendered obsolete almost overnight when Google developed a narrow AI-based approach to search.

        What remains to be seen is whether developers in the area of music are clever enough to apply AI to audio software in ways that deliver that type of exponential leap in capability.

        Ignoring it – or pretending it’s not real, though, is just a good way to keep yourself ignorant.

        1. Dear DBN, sounds like you never worked in product development. the difference between marketing copy and what a design engineer actually does is miles apart. marketing claims of AI are just that, marketing claims. show me their white paper on their amazing discover, then we’ll talk about AI.

  3. Ai is An’t Intelligent. When the robots take over the world will be colorblind……
    Desdemona the Robot – If I only had a brain

    Desdemona the Robot
    Maggot Brain Cover

    ITU AI For Good Global Summit 2023 Press conference

    Compressorhead “Suck up that P.Si ”

    Kraftwerk(the first AI band) – The Robots

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