The Synth Sounds Of ‘War Games’ (1983)

Composer & synthesist Anthony Marinelli shared this video, taking a look at his work on the 1983 movie, War Games.

Marinelli has a huge range of experience, scoring films like Young Guns and many others; sound design and synth performances on albums like Thriller and soundtracks like Cat People; creating synthesized pre-production scores for films like The Color Purple; conducting; songwriting and more.

The video offers a great look at how Marinelli used the Synclavier to create sounds and sequences for the War Games soundtrack.

3 thoughts on “The Synth Sounds Of ‘War Games’ (1983)

  1. The best thing about this video is the storage box of floppy disks. We all had ’em and could never find the disk we were looking for because *someone* left it balanced precariously on a keyboard or desk (or dropped it onto the floor), where it would pick up dust or get zapped by static, rendering it a useless frisbee.

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