Frap Tools CUNSA Quadruple Analog Multimode Resonant Filter

Frap Tools shared this in-depth look at CUNSA, their new quadruple analog pingable multimode resonant filter, saturator, mixer, and oscillator for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

They describe it as their sound seasoning tool, because “it can gently even a patch, applying a final touch, or set it on fire with a ridiculous amount of spice.”

CUNSA consists of four multimode resonant filters, with a custom saturation and feedback control that you can use independently or in various combinations and roles, thanks to “seminormalizations”.


  • Four Analog Resonant Multimode Filters
  • Unique ‘Character’ Circuit for Feedback and Distortion
  • V/Oct Tracking and Quadruple Oscillator
  • Ping and Ring
  • Linked or Individual Filtering
  • Filter and Combo Behavior
  • Four Seminormalizations for Group Use
  • Analog Mixing Stage and Group Outputs
  • CV Inputs with Attenuators

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

The CUNSA is priced at MSRP of 840,00 EUR + VAT. See the Frap Tools site for availability info.

5 thoughts on “Frap Tools CUNSA Quadruple Analog Multimode Resonant Filter

  1. Screw that. Every question is allowed due to the collapse of search engines’ functionity. Google and Bing have become practically useless. And its going to get even worse.

  2. Since Sir Bob is grumpy, here ya go: A pingable filter (usually a low pass gate but some non low pass gate filters also have a ping/strike input) is a filter where you can trigger a response by sending a pulse/trigger/gate in a specific input to make the filter ring a short, percussive output. Turn up the resonance on a filter until it is at the point of self oscillating and then back off very slightly. Feed a trigger or short gate into the audio input. The audio output should produce a percussive hit, very like a basic LPG pluck.

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