New FAC Bandit AUv3 Multi-Effects Processor For macOS

Developer Fred Anton Corvest has released FAC Bandit AUv3 for macOS!

FAC Bandit, originally introduced for iOS, is a multiband audio effect that splits the audio signal into three bands of frequencies according two adjustable crossover points. Each band is processed independently by its own effect processor and the outputs are then recombined to produce the final effect.

Each frequency range can be altered with different effects and settings that won’t sound the same if applied to the full frequency range.


  • 3-Band multi effects processor
  • Each band provides its own effect with mix blending control
  • Comes with built-in effects: Saturator, Lofi and Ring Modulator
  • Extendable via In-App purchase in Bandit store: Delay and Reverb
  • Frequency isolator equaliser (DJ style filter)
  • Two adjustable crossover points for low and high bands with slope up to 48dB
  • Separate Dry/Wet output controls
  • Suitable for any situation, going from subtle to drastic change
  • Multi-outs support, route each band to separate channels in your DAW
  • Advanced Responsive Design, portrait and landscape views
  • AuV3 for iOS (iPad/iPhone) and macOS (sold separately)
  • On macOS, supported by: Ableton Live, Logic Pro, GarageBand, Reaper

Pricing and Availability:

FAC Bandit for macOS is available for a limited time with an intro price of $6.99.

11 thoughts on “New FAC Bandit AUv3 Multi-Effects Processor For macOS

    1. You don’t have to pay twice, this is not a bug, Apple provides the purchase system on the App Store and on the Mac App Store.

      There is one app for iOS and one for macOS, both sold separately AND both prices are very low. So you choose what you need, iOS only, macOS only or both…

      Porting an iOS AUv3 to macOS is not a simple operation, as ticking a checkbox!
      Furthermore, all the FAC macOS apps are available for Mac Intel based system too!

      1. What a load of hot garbage takes that thread link is. “Developers should make 30% less so I can be lazy and not create an account on their site”
        I personally would rather pay a couple extra bucks and NOT support shooting a firehose of money at billionaire middlemen who do next to nothing, and pay developers what they’re actually worth.

        Also, porting iOS to MacOS *is* actually as simple as clicking some buttons, now that they use the same processor code. It’s right there in Apple’s developer documentation:

        1. No, it’s not as simple as ticking the magic checkbox. The theory looks good as usual, but in practice it’s a different story and you will find yourself writing specific code per platform (less than before, but still!). And you have to see the whole solution… including the integration in the hosts…

        2. “Also, porting iOS to MacOS *is* actually as simple as clicking some buttons, now that they use the same processor code.”

          no, in theory this works
          in practice you have to test it on iOS and Mac OS …

          I think the 30% are ok,
          they provide the platform for you, they bring the users to you,
          how many copies are you going to sell if potential users have to find your website first? not many 😉

  1. have had it for years on iOS, bought it immediately when released for MAC. Its extremely versatile, and sounds incredible. Highly recommend, especially at the intro price of a cup of coffee.

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