New iOS Effect, FAC Bandit, Gives You Three Frequency Bands Of Effects

Developer Fred Anton Corvest has introduced FAC Bandit, a multiband audio effect for iOS.

The effect splits the audio signal into three bands of frequencies, defined by adjustable crossover points. Each band is processed independently by its own effect processor and the outputs are then recombined to produce the final effect.


  • Multiband effect processor
  • DJ style bands isolator with crossover control
  • Each single band provides its own effect with mix blending control
  • Comes with built-in effects: Saturator, Lofi and Ring Modulator
  • Extendable, more effect coming
  • Include various presets for inspiration
  • Suitable for any situation, going from subtle to drastic change
  • iOS Audio Unit V3

Video Demos:

Pricing and Availability

FAC Bandit is available now for US $8.99. If you’ve used it, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

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