Percussa Announces New Run Of Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module

Percussa has announced a a new run of their Super Signal Processor (SSP) Eurorack module.

“Our SSP Eurorack module sold out a while ago, in the middle of the global supply chain crisis and chip shortage,” notes Percussa founder Bert Schiettecatt. “Things now seem to have improved, and we are now planning another production run of the SSP.”

The Super Signal Processor is a sort of uber-module for Eurorack systems, offering wavetable synthesis, real-time granular synthesis, traditional subtractive techniques, ports of modules from Mutable Instruments, 24 CV & audio I/O jacks and more.

While the Percussa SSP has been out of production, the company has continued to develop the platform, including a new plugin format. SSP developer Technobear has contributed a wide range of modules to the platform.

Here’s a live stream with Technobear, hosted by MATTHS (Matt Hodson):

Among Technobear’s modules are a performance mixer, Cartesian sequencer, addiitional MIDI modules, a sample and hold module, matrix mixer and matrix switcher, and more.

Pricing and Availability:

The Percussa SSP is available to pre-order for $2,000 via Perfect Circuit.

10 thoughts on “Percussa Announces New Run Of Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module

      1. Musicians with money (or discipline to save) are always looking for something nice to invest in.

        For everybody else, there’s the cheap knockoffs of 40 year old shit.

    1. It’s a stone cold fact that dedicated hardware is more stable, has lower latency and has less jitter than running software on a computer.

      This may not matter to you, if you’re jacking around in your basement, but when you start playing live, you realize it matters real quick.

      Also, hardware is a lot more fun to play with than dicking around with computer shit!

      1. this. well said. i love how my er-m keeps the computer component on the right & narrow. if i was doing synthesis instead of live instrument w/ complex efx, i would want this thing to master the shit. i still might. rethink the whole setup? why not.

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