Andy Stott + Debit Live Performance In The Moog Sound Lab

The Moog Sound Lab series is back after a long dry spell, with a live performance by electronic music producers Debit (Delia Beatriz) and Andy Stott.

Inside the Moog Sound Lab studio space, the two joined forces to compose and perform an original track, featuring Matriarch, Grandmother, DFAM, and Mavis instruments, along with with Ableton Live.

22 thoughts on “Andy Stott + Debit Live Performance In The Moog Sound Lab

  1. Oh my!…..people can’t play melodies no more, even if their lives depend on it!…nowadays a catchy chorus no longer exists in 2023…does any one knows a good catchy/pop electronic song made this year that can share with moi?…thx!

    1. You know that about 100.000 songs are released every day, right? If you don’t hear what you need, it’s your own fault.

    2. Do you go to Ibsen plays and ask why there aren’t more jokes? This isn’t catchy pop music and never pretended to be. It’s a completely different thing.

      1. Hey!. Thanks for taking the time replying whit a passive/aggressive answer completely out off the topic at hand.

        1. Sure thing! Your helpful, positive original comment really gave me the courage to chime in. Mine was more an observation than an answer, though.

  2. Glad to see that the Moog Sound Lab is still a thing after the company’s sale. The videos are always classy, show off groups I generally haven’t heard about before, and the bands make cool live use of gear.

    Kind of surprised that this is still going, though, because I got the impression through social media posts that InMusic bought Moog for its assets and was laying off everybody. Apparently employees lost their retirement in the deal and got nothing for their 49% ownership of the company.

    If anybody knows more on that, I’d be interested!

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