Korg Multi-Engine Master Class With Sinevibes Developer Artemiy Pavlov

In this official Korg master class, Sinevibes founder Artemiy Pavlov discusses the company’s Multi Engine platform.

Sinevibes makes a wide range of plugins for Korg Multi Engine instruments, letting you add new synthesis and effects options and customize your instrument to your needs.

The Korg Multi Engine platform is available on the NTS-1, drumlogue, prologue and minilogue xd – and is the feature that Pavlov says  make them “the most exciting instruments that Korg makes right now,” because the synth and effects engines are customizable by the user.


3 thoughts on “Korg Multi-Engine Master Class With Sinevibes Developer Artemiy Pavlov

  1. Does anyone have a fav. Sinevibes effect, or oscillator? These don’t grab me, but I have purchased Node, and am curious about some of their other offerings.

    1. I have most every oscillator and effect. they’re all top notch in sound quality. I currently have Isomer, Finite, Hollow, Luminance, +/-Albedo, Eternal, Whirl, Blend, DipoleV2, Vibrant, and Drift loaded. I also have oscillators Node, and Dense currently loaded as well – I code with Plaits on Prologue and most of my oscillator slots are filled with those. needless to say, those are my current loaded favorite Sinevibes products!

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