Flip Sampler Updated With New Projects, Samples & Looping Envelope

Flip Sampler, the sample-based music making app conceptualized by music producer and YouTuber Andrew Huang, has just been updated to version 1.4. The update adds new stock projects, over 100 new stock samples, and a much requested new feature, the Looping Envelope.

Located on the revamped Sample tab, engaging the Looping Envelope means any selected portion of a sample can be looped while it’s playing. This allows for samples of notes or chords to be sustained indefinitely, as well as opening up a new world of sound design possibilities within Flip—from ambient/pad sounds, to granular glitching, to audio-rate looping which can turn any sample into a playable polyphonic synth voice. A “Fade” parameter crossfades the transitions between the loop points, if a smoother sound is desired.

Adding even more power, the loop’s start point, length, and crossfade amount can be automated from Flip’s Automation page. Like all of Flip’s automation lanes, each can have its own independent length, leading to fun and creative polymetric variations.

Flip Sampler, now in its third year on iOS, is also now available for Android. The 1.4 update adds Ableton Link support for Android devices (already present in the iOS version) making Flip Sampler one of only a few Android apps that provides support for this handy sync technology created by Ableton.

Flip Looper Demo:

Pricing and Availability:

Flip is available for $9.99 USD.

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