Roland V-Synth 20th Anniversary Retrospective

Synthesist Paulee Alex Bow shared this 20th anniversary retrospective look at the Roland V-Synth.

In recent years, much of the attention in the synth world has turned to analog instruments, with digital synths sometimes getting forgotten or even maligned. As the prices for vintage analog gear have skyrocketed, though, it’s a good time to take another look at instruments like the V-Synth.

When the Roland V-Synth was introduced in 2003, Sound On Sound called it “a sound designer’s dream machine.” The instrument offers a wide range of synthesis options, flash RAM for sample storage, lots of hands-on control, double D-Beams, lots of effects, sampling and more.

Bow (Magical Synth Adventure) describes the V-Synth as ‘epic and futuristic’. Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments!

Topics covered:

01:44 V-Synth Introduction
03:48 Deep-Dive
21:30 My Patches (No-Talking)

11 thoughts on “Roland V-Synth 20th Anniversary Retrospective

  1. Very little compares with the V-Synth. Its the t*ts to the power of 10. One of the more tactile player’s synths around. If you have any left-field ideas, its great at bringing them out.

  2. Yes the only one I look for to add to my synth set up
    Roland should get into looking to make a new XT in this qulity and improve it whit some
    analog filers plus extended sample options
    Easier to work with and they would blow a lot of competition out of the water
    The sound is Amazing let’s make a 10.10 out of it

    1. I initially scoffed at the Roland Boutiques due to their size. I picked up the JD-08 and the JX08 and was pleasantly surprised. I love ’em both. Maybe Roland will create a Boutique V-Synth for a few hundred bucks.

  3. I don’t think it would translate to Zen Core. Its claim to fame is being hands-on, like a jacked-up Minimoog. You lose half of its power if you just step through the presets. You can’t make the best use of the Time Trip pad with a mouse. Its for greaze in real-time by hand.

    I like the module idea, but it would have to be pretty hefty to offer all of the playable features of the original. Analog-style modules are easier to sell.

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