Intellijel Sealegs Multi-Model Stereo Character Delay With Reverb

Intellijel has introduced Sealegs, a collection of effects, centered around a true stereo multi-model delay.

Features include Tape, Bucket Brigade, and Crossfading Digital models; a saturating input drive; low- and high-pass filters; crackle & hiss generator; a multi-position 1970s-inspired reverb; internal modulators; nine CV inputs with attenuverters; three sets of ranges; clock sync/tap tempo; and three unique stereo configurations.


  • Three Unique delay models — Tape, Bucket Brigade, and Crossfading Digital
  • Per-model Color, Modulation behavior, and Saturation/Limiting
  • True Stereo delay with separate L/R buffers
  • Three Stereo configurations (PONG, Time/Width, L/R)
  • Three Range variations for short Chorus/Flanger style delays to Long ambient repeats.
  • Up to 6(L) and 8(R) seconds of delay time (Width can add up to 33% to Time)
  • Built in modulator with Wow & Flutter, Envelope Follower, and 7 morphing wave shapes
  • Lush 1970s-inspired reverb with 3 insert positions.
  • Saturating input drive with level trim
  • Stable external clock (or tap tempo) sync for Delay Times or Modulation
  • Highpass and Lowpass filters for filtered repeats
  • Freeze functionality for holding the buffer and looping
  • Nine CV inputs with attenuverters
  • 96 kHz 24-bit Stereo I/O and 32-bit floating point internal processing

Pricing and Availability:

Sealegs is available now for $439 USD.

7 thoughts on “Intellijel Sealegs Multi-Model Stereo Character Delay With Reverb

  1. Based purely on this demo (I obviously have not yet tried it myself), I’m personally not a fan of the digital model on this. The best vintage digital delay rack tones had digital crunch, but they didn’t have audible aliasing because they had filters for rolling off higher frequencies. Everyone’s got their taste and of course not everything needs to sound faithful, but I’m in the “digital crunch without aliasing” camp. Otherwise this thing sounds amazing and looks really fun and playable. Probably the first euro delay I’d want to try right now.

    1. You must have watched a different video. It has several delay models. At least two of which have “digital crunch”

      It also has both high and low pass filtering with independent controls for each in the feedback path

      So you can filter out all the aliasing want

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