Intellijel Stomp Brings Guitar Stompbox & Modular Synth Worlds Together

Intellijel has introduced Stomp – a new Eurorack module that’s designed to make it easy to use stompbox effect pedals with your modular synthesizer.

Or, as the company says, “It provides the modular synthesist with a portal to stompbox nirvana, and the guitarist with a wormhole to the sonic manipulations of Eurorack modules.”

Stomp makes it easy for modular owners to use the huge range of delays, choruses, flangers, phasers, fuzz boxes, tremolos, wah-wahs, amp simulators, compressors, and pitch shifter pedals available to guitarists. It provides send, return and expression pedal connections that are compatible with guitar stompboxes, modular connectivity, modulation control and more.

It also makes it easy for guitarists to use modular gear. Guitarists can plug their guitar directly into Stomp’s RETURN jack, and get access to capabilities of Eurorack modular synths.


  • Robust Neutrik 1/4″ TS connectors for the SEND/RETURN and TRS for the Expression interface
  • Signals arriving at Stomp’s RETURN jack pass through a Class A triode emulator, allowing for some tube-like overdrive at high gain setting.
  • Stomp is more than just a simple level shifter — it’s also an impedance converter, which provides proper drive and loading for any FX pedals or instruments you connect.
  • Separate gain controls on both the SEND and RETURN. This enables you to adjust the level of any audio being sent to the FX pedals as well as any audio coming back into the modular. Not only does this allow you to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio, but by significantly boosting the RETURN level, you can achieve some pleasingly overdriven tones.
  • Supports both Instrument and Line levels via a front panel switch.
  • Use Stomp’s RETURN circuit as a “direct box” for connecting any instrument.
  • The high input impedance of the RETURN circuit allows it to be used as a piezo pickup preamp for acoustic instruments.
  • Use Stomp in the studio as an active “re-amping” device to play pre-recorded tracks back through guitar amplifiers or pedals.
  • All inputs are protected for minimum RF interference.
  • Return signal can be phase inverted for use with those pedals or effects types that invert phase.
  • Low MIX output impedance for driving long cables, lower noise, and minimum interference from outside sources.
  • The Expression Pedal Output converts analog CV sources (or the internal LFO) into an output compatible with most stompbox Expression inputs.

Pricing and Availability:

Stomp is available now for $199 USD.

12 thoughts on “Intellijel Stomp Brings Guitar Stompbox & Modular Synth Worlds Together

  1. I’ve been kinda craving this the opposite way around for years . . would love to have a road-worthy way to use modular filters mixers ring-mods wave-folders etc with a pedalboard / foot controller type of setup. Whether i am playing keys, guitar, violin, or singing or mixing others, I find the traditional modular setups just a bit too fragile and not suitable for high-volume environments with all the leaky 1/8th” connectors. Without going to a big even-more-expensive 1/4″ set of modules, I am pretty skeptical of the modular world so far.

    1. Pittsburgh Modular made a Eurorack case in pedalboard format a few years ago. As for the “leaky 1/8″ connectors” and a concern with high volumes, I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

    2. Modular levels (volume) are much higher than pretty much anything. If you use high quality power / cases you will have signal quality you can wish for with all the regular line level gear. And with a jumbler box or module you don’t have any connection issues. I had not a single jack malbehave in 15 years now, only the one or the other cable, but I definitely had a few regular high quality jacks give up their duty.

        1. Good idea I’m gonna start a gear OnlyFans called “Twist My Knobs”.
          All proceeds goes to my audio gear dominatrix to buy more for your pleasure you pervs.

          Spank me with that 3U,,,,,

  2. I do dig what this module does, but one thing I haven’t seen any attention paid to in eurorack format, is an ‘on/off’ or dry signal/wet signal send that can be cv controlled by say a Boss FS-FU or similar latch switch. We still have to use our hands (that are usually occupied) to make simple 0 or 100% wetness effect send.

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