Roland D-50 Vintage Synth Review

The latest synth4ever video offers a review of the Roland D-50, a vintage digital synth from 1987.

The D-50 is a 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer, based on Roland’s LA (Linear Arithmetic) synthesis engine, which combines samples, virtual analog synthesis and integrated effects. The synth engine offered innovative capabilities and new sonic possibilities when it was introduced, which helped make it a hit for the company.

Video summary:

“In this synthesizer review of the Roland D-50, I provide an overview of the synth, it’s digital sample-based linear arithmetic synthesis engine, play Roland D-50 sounds, and provide my final thoughts on the Roland D50 including pros and cons.”

Topics covered:

00:00 – Intro
01:15- Overview
14:12 – Sounds & Patches
30:27 – Pad Sound Design
32:49 – Pros
36:42 – Cons
40:12 – Final Thoughts

3 thoughts on “Roland D-50 Vintage Synth Review

  1. Cons…
    1. “There are lots of famous presets” < Any instruments, which reach the top sale in the world has Famous presets or sounds.
    2. You don’t need a PG-1000 to edit Roland D-50, there are lots of free VST editors. There is even Dtronics DT-01, if it has to be hardware.

  2. It was a hit because they made the most of the limited, pricey memory of the time. You get a ton of Roland synth history in it, Jupiter Xm-style. The Cloud version delivers in the same way, with the PG-1000 included. Its not dated if you dig into the Time Variant aspects, which broaden it considerably. Some of its ‘Greatest Hits’ sounds only touch the surface.

    Too bad you can’t just buy that outstanding keyboard mechanism as a controller. Very little has matched it since.

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