Behringer Announces Polivoks Synthesizer, Created In Collaboration With Original Designer

Behringer has officially introduced their Polivoks synthesizer, created in collaboration with designer Vladimir Kuzmin.

The Polivoks (aka Polivox) is a Soviet-era synth analog subtractive synthesizer. While the synth’s 2 VCO/VCF/VCA architecture is similar to other analog synths of the era, the original Polivoks is known for the unique sound of its filter and its rugged industrial design.

Behringer had announced plans in 2021 to collaborate with the pioneering Russian synth designer. While the company hasn’t announced details for the new Polivoks, it appears to be a Euro-format version of the original.

Russian synth designer Vladimir Kuzmin

“I designed the Polivoks in 1980 at the Urals Vector plant in Russia, while it was produced by the Formanta Radio Factory. The Polivoks has features that are very unusual on most analog synthesizers, which creates this very unique and distinctive sound, often referred to as ‘Russian synthesizer sound’,” notes Kuzmin.

“For many years, it has been my dream to create a new and much improved Polivoks,” adds Kuzmin. “Uli’s synthesizer Vision provides a fantastic opportunity for me to contribute to the reimagining of my Polivoks and to make it accessible to everyone – a Vision I profoundly believe in and want to be part of.”

Details on pricing and availability for the Behringer Polivoks are still to be announced.

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  2. Yeah. Cute. Just what we need. Another MiniMoog copycat.

    When will Behringer bring out the VCS-3 clone that they have been working on for the last couple of years?

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  4. Hopefully it has an audio in so you can run external gear through the filter.
    Yes, Behringer are bad and do poopy things. However, they do make useful audio tools.
    I think what most people miss is that these small form desktop modules are a far more attractive purchase proposition than something with a keyboard.

  5. Always wanted to have Polivoks but was skeptical about their conditions (very old). But when this one is released, it will definitely make me itching.

    And to all Moog and like lovers above my post. I can’t even imagine your pain when you play your synths, because all you can think of, at that moment, are faces of those millions who where killed by US governments. Hypocrites.

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      That’s because it’s whataboutism.

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    Polivoks is really underrated synth, very basic and more unmusical, and loved by this way for experimental cold sound only. Everybody who have Polivoks on mid 80s, not feel real love to it. Russians synths was been more interesting, like polyphonic version of Polivoks- Formanta EMS-01

    I’m live in city where Polivoks was been in production and was been designed. Perfectly know building where synth have first sales.

      1. No, he hasn’t.
        Let’s pray he won’t get conscripted to die in this senseless war.
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    1. We’re not talking about America. Your stupid whataboutism can go f itself!
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    2. Thanks for the slightly more subtle whataboutism.
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  7. At this moment no one has released a cheap and authentic reissue at the same time. Taber’s & Pleninger’s reissue is too rare and expensive, ELTA’s Polivoks Mini has good price but different architecture with only one VCO, Infradeep PVX-800 (ex. Nave Polymorph) has completely different sound.

    Glad to hear that UliVox will be released after all. If the authentic circuitry is kept and we will get the sound as close as possible to the original Polivoks with ~$300 price, this will be a great choice for those who do not want to deal with the original one due to the need for its service and repair.

  8. @ Lopass Gatekeeper


    “Boris Johnson represented Washington’s interests and said ‘absolutely not, we will support you to the bitter end. You must stand your ground and fight for every inch of Ukraine’.”

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    PS: Great synth…I hope Behringer produce it.

  9. I had already noticed, but it’s interrsting that the warmongering, russian-hating, brainwashed, triplevaxxed and authoritarian reddit tranny corresponds exactly to the synth collector/enthusiast type.

  10. There is a pattern here. In the past, the company has declared, “Created in collaboration with…” and then mentions someone who wrote an alternate firmware for the Korg Polysix, a PPG superfan who knows a lot about how the PPG Wave functions, or someone designed the MS-20 for Korg in the 1970s.

  11. What’s funny and rarely gets mentioned in these whataboutisms…

    Remember the huge protest waves during Vietnam and the Gulf Wars?
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  12. I always make sure to read the Behringer posts for all the virtue signaling, and everyone has really outdone themselves with this one. Good job everyone.

  13. In 2018 I was able to buy an Infradeep PVX800, from Siberia, with my UK credit card! Times have changed. It’s a beautifully made blue desktop unit, that comes in a pinewood ammo box. It’s an interesting sound, with DIN MIDI, Gate, CV and filter CV. It processes external audio through its filter, and both envelopes, without changing tonal character in any way. (Try doing that with a digital synth, where audio input goes through ADC and DAC converters.) Does it sound the same as an original Polyvoks? Sadly, I have no idea, apart from YT demos. There are numerous other settings and modulations.

  14. I’ve been loyal to this site for much too long, although they sold out to the manufacturers that can’t compete. Sorry, I moved to Synth Anatomy. A lot less propaganda and way better web design. You have become as incompetent as those who pay you.

  15. If there’s one thing you can shamelessly rip off without fear of copyright prosecution, it has to be soviet inventions.

    I wonder what kind of deal the man got from Behringer.
    Behringer: Hi Vlad, we want to reproduce your classic synth design. We’d like your blessing, mostly for marketing purposes.
    Impoverished elderly Russian engineer: Ok, I want $10k!
    Behringer: We can offer you $500 worth of ALDI gift coupons
    Russian dude: (sigh) ok, fair enough…

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