Serato Sample 2.0 Brings Sample ‘Unmixing’ To Your DAW

Serato has released Sample 2.0, a major update to the sampling plugin that adds stem-separation technology that lets you quickly ‘unmix’ source audio into stems, letting you use and arrange samples in new ways.

The company says that Sample 2.0 is the first VST plugin to combine sampling and stem-separation features. Stems can split audio into four distinct tracks – vocals, melody, bass and drums. This makes it easy to integrate samples, acapellas and instrumentals into tracks through real-time audio source separation.

Serato Sample also incorporates features from the company’s Pitch ‘n Time technology, allowing producers to time stretch and change keys, while maintaining “best-in-class sound quality”.


  • Real-time stem separation
  • Key detection
  • Key shifting
  • BPM sync
  • Unrivalled time stretching
  • ‘Find Samples’ in a click
  • Manual cue placing & triggering
  • Per pad parameters
  • Channel output routing
  • Chromatic Keyboard Mode
  • Mono & Poly voicing
  • Dynamic Beatgrids

Pricing and Availability:

Serato Sample is available now for $149 USD.

5 thoughts on “Serato Sample 2.0 Brings Sample ‘Unmixing’ To Your DAW

  1. No impressed with the STEM sound, sounding 12bit. cool if you like that but not me once its 48khz(min) I will think about it. They are just trying to sell their Pitch ‘n Time technology. This STEM striping technology is going to rip off more musicians. Hey Serato thanks for helping to make us poorer and you so rich!

  2. the stemming can already be done in RX and RipX etc but the fact you can do it to your chops is pretty great, being able to audition different elements from the sample on the fly. the only thing keeping me from picking this up is those hideous colors, maybe there’s an option to choose a different colorway?

  3. A friend of mine was just using this the other night at a dj gig and it was pretty incredible. He could just remix anything right there on the fly. I can’t speak to the audio quality but it hardly mattered in a club setting. Sounded great.

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