The Woovebox Is ‘The Smallest Micro Music Workstation On The Planet’

The Woovebox is a micro music workstation – pocket groovebox, synthesizer, sequencer, sampler & drum machine – that its developers all ‘the smallest all-in-one micro music workstation on the planet.’

It features 16-part multi-timbral synthesis, sequencing and sampling, USB and wireless connectivity, 10 hours of battery life and more.


  • Synthesizer
    • 16 part multi-timbral / 16 tracks (1 x 4-voice polyphonic track + 15 x 4-voice paraphonic or mono tracks)*
    • 16 versatile synthesis algorithms
    • 17 low-aliasing oscillator models + up to 256 user samples
    • Virtual Analog, FM, Super Saw, AM, RingMod, x0x percussion, more
    • 2 oscillator models per voice
    • 1 multi-mode filter per voice (10 filter types)
    • 2 x AEG, FEG, multiple LFOs per voice
    • global multi-FX; reverb, stereo chorus, 2 x stereo delay
    • per-voice FX; distortion, saturation, bit crushing, resampling, global multi-FX sends
    • per-voice dynamics; compressor/limiter, 4-bus side-chaining, gating
    • master compressor/limiter, vinyl and noise effects
    • emulates vintage digital, analog and organic sounds
    • extensive, complex sound design capabilities
  • Sequencer
    • 16 songs x 16 tracks x 16 patterns x 16 steps
    • fast workflow; create new intricate song ideas in minutes
    • polyrhythms, generative, arpeggio and x0x-style patterns
    • use scales, modes, chord types and inversions, w/o music theory
    • per-step conditionals, 100+ step modifier type, probabilities
    • pattern chaining, pattern muting conditions
    • micro-timing and swing
    • song mode with per-fragment transformation and automation
    • send sync and MIDI to control connected gear
    • exports songs as WAV (song, stems dry & wet)
    • undo functionality
  • Sampler
    • 62s @ 44.1kHz 8-bit mu-law compressed (~12-bit effective) w/reconstructive interpolation
    • 16 user kits x 16 samples
    • dedicated 3.5mm line-input
    • digital sample import via Bluetooth
    • mangle, slice, chop, re-arrange samples
    • add new oscillators, one-shots and loops
    • multi-sample, single instrument support
    • use live input as an oscillator model
    • re-sample internal synthesizer
    • automatic space management and optimization
    • undo functionality

Pricing and Availability:

The Woovebox is priced at US $249, with availability expected for late October 2023.

31 thoughts on “The Woovebox Is ‘The Smallest Micro Music Workstation On The Planet’

  1. They somehow managed to make it for twice the price of TE. Honestly, at $250, you could get a used model:cycles/samples and be much happier, or spend half that and get a Gameboy with nanoloop, which this seems to be based on.

    1. Given that it’s rather an OP-Z competitor (and way more powerful than the M:C/M:S), it’s exactly half the price of its TE counterpart.

  2. … and there is iPhone with hundreds apps – some free, some paid but, not more $20…
    Cool gadget for Android users though

    1. I don’t have an iPhone but it’s pretty interesting to learn they’re free now? At least so it seems from this and all the other comments saying to just use an iPhone

      1. Your loss for not having an iPhone – they make great MIDI controllers, among other musical uses.

        You can get a used iPhone 8 for $200 and then spend $50 on apps (especially around Black Friday). Crazy times, isn’t it?

    2. Despite having an iPad Pro with loads of great software, I still find a well designed groovebox much more inspiring. The iPad mostly serves for recording/editing tracks composed on hardware.

      1. I also have analog and digital hardware synths and effects. I also count my iPhone and iPad alongside them as digital synths and workstations.

        It’s clear the answer to my question is: because you can.

        Which is OK! Just not practical (which is also OK). It’s also cheaper than an iPhone, though used prices may be competitive.

    1. But you can buy used MacBook Pro for $250 and do whatever you want on it! It’ll be keyboard, marvelous display, battery, all slots that you need. Groovebox, sequencer, synth and more more. And there will be no need to call yourself “dawless” which feels like “homeless”.

      Therefore, am pretty sure there must be some killer feature in this smallest groovebox. Like “that groove” setting or marvelous synth engine or sweet converters to achieve good sound on samples or something like that. Just need to be discovered! But wait, it’s already the smallest hardware toy.

  3. Ok, so I’m going to say it.
    It has a really big, protruding, knob.
    Like, it sticks out a lot.
    Hopefully it’s robust enough to take a bump or bash.

    1. Yeah, it’s kind of raw for the price. The exposed buttons look very cheap as well, for $250 they could have at least included a faceplate with silicon cover or plastic punch outs.

  4. This is a cool project for someone who wants to get hired as a firmware author and hook up with a manufacturer, but as a consumer product it seems strictly for masochists.

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