sonicLAB Oceanic Explores The Sound Of Waves With Additive Synthesis

sonicLAB has introduced Oceanic, a software bundle for Mac & Windows that they say “captures the essence of the ocean’s waves and transforms them into a symphony of additive sound synthesis.”

Oceanic controls sound using Gerstner’s wave solutions, a mathematical representation of sea waves. The Gerstner’s trochoidal wave solution captures the nuanced movements of wave surfaces, both vertically and horizontally. By utilizing five periodic trochoidal waves and their superposition, Oceanic crafts a fluid sea surface motion, rich in variations and fully controllable.

Oceanic uses this to control wavetable oscillators and calculate complex modulations of synthesis parameters.

The Oceanic bundle comes with three applications.

  • Oceanic –  A sea-wave simulation that generates intricate wave shapes, providing the foundation for the entire bundle. The scanned sea-waves surface at selected probe points are being used to calculate the wavetables ( micro scale ), the modulation waveforms for synthesis parameters ( meso scale ) and macro scale variations of these waves.
  • WaveBot – A wavetable synthesizer in plugin format that sources its wave data and modulation from the evolving sea-wave simulations. It’s the heart and soul of the oceanic sound, producing the authentic resonance of sea waves without relying on artificial wavetables or sources. Everything comes from the sea-waves simulation.
  • WaveCC – A MIDI CC generator that derives its modulation data from Oceanic, ensuring seamless integration and real-time communication

Pricing and Availability:

Oceanic is available now, with an intro price of 89 EUR (regularly 109 EUR).

4 thoughts on “sonicLAB Oceanic Explores The Sound Of Waves With Additive Synthesis

  1. This is the perfect plug-in for musicians that want you to know how clever they are whilst simultaneously virtue-signalling that they are producing sounds from their own deep connection to Mother Earth that you demonstrate you are too stupid to understand when you innocently reveal that you don’t think it sounds particularly good. I won’t name names but one particular YouTube synth reviewer will be priapic over this. I’d be grateful if the developer could confirm if this wonderful Gaia-driven synth comes with its own wind turbine and solar panel?

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