Dreadbox Hypnosis Time Effects Processor Back As A DIY Kit

Dreadbox has announced that it is reissuing its Hypnosis Time Effects Processor as a DIY kit.

The Dreadbox Hypnosis features Chorus/Flanger, delay and spring reverb effects, along with LFOs for modulation. It can be used as a standalone module or integrated into your Eurorack modular system.

Hypnosis is available as an assemble-yourself type kit, as shown below:


  • Analog Effects Processor with 3 effects
  • All Analog warm BBD Chorus – Flanger circuit
  • Hybrid Delay based on the Erebus synthesizer onboard effect
  • Real Spring Reverb with unique variable time pre Delay
  • 2 x wide range LFOs
    1 hardwired for the chorus and 1 free for patching
  • Wide input range – It accepts from guitar/mic levels up to modular gear
  • 11 patch points
  • Desktop or Eurorack Modular format
  • Compact, USB powered, 42HP

Pricing and Availability:

The Dreadbox Hypnosis is available now for 200 € (excl. VAT).

10 thoughts on “Dreadbox Hypnosis Time Effects Processor Back As A DIY Kit

  1. Argh! I played with a PWM Malevolent into a Hypnosis at Knobcon, fell in love with the effect and almost bought a used one yesterday… now this is here.

    On the plus side: this one costs half as much as a used original Hypnosis. The patch points would be marginally useful at times and it’d be pretty easy to integrate with my modular stuff. Assembly looks easy, no soldering required.

    The minus is that it’s mono. That’s sad news for the chorus/flanger, which on the original can be wonderfully trippy and gooey. Also a slight downside for the delay — I’m not usually into pingpong delays but it actually works really well in this case with short delay times, high feedback and some modulation.

        1. If I remember right, it’s MONO IN, stereo out on the original. My handful of hardware FX connected to my interface as send fx are all stereo. But this kind of effect would go great tethered to a mono synth

  2. Why on earth is it all mono?! It’s for synths that only get better when stereo, not guitar amps?

    This, but double the price and stereo versions of all of the FX would be great!

    (and no, just buying two isn’t the same thing)

  3. Wow, it being mono is quite the omission from their sales pitch. It only pops up all the way down in the specs list. Nobody wants a mono chorus. It’s not how chorus works.

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