AJH Synth & Ian Boddy Intro Tone Science Chance Delay For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

AJH Synth has introduced the Tone Science Chance Delay, the second of its Eurorack modules designed in collaboration with composer & synthesist Ian Boddy.

The Tone Science Chance Delay is a unique concept in Eurorack modules, as it combines chance and randomness with pulse delay and pulse conditioning. It can be used in many ways – as a variable Chance generator, pulse stretching for Trigger to Gate conversion, pulse shortening for Gate to Trigger conversion, Gate Delay, Sub Bass Generation and also “divide by n” clock division.

The firmware for the Chance Delay has been developed and coded by “Electric Druid” Tom Wiltshire, and is optimized so that they module can work into the lower audio range.


  • Chance, Gate Delay time and Pulse Length can all be set manually or controlled using external CV voltages.
  • The ’TRIG’ push button allows manual triggering, and Chance will be applied to any manual triggering too.
  • Fast processing allows operation into the lower audio range, so it can perform sub bass generation on drone type sounds. In this mode the Length pot (or an external Length CV) can be used to change the PWM of the output waveform.
  • After the initial trigger pulse has been acted on, further incoming pulses are ignored until the current cycle has finished. This useful feature allows it to perform “divide by n” division on gate pulses, so it can be used for clock division, and the delay function can be used to add a “swing” away from the rhythm.
  • Gate pass through mode – if the Length pot is set to zero, then the incoming gate length is preserved, so in this case the gate has Chance and Delay time applied to it, but the outgoing gate length is the same as the incoming gate length.
  • By setting Chance to 100% and Delay to zero (0.5mS) it can be used as a Gate to Trigger converter, or a Trigger to Gate converter, depending on the Pulse length set with the LENGTH control. We can also use an external Length CV to shorten or increase the length of the output pulse in real time.
  • Fast and slow ranges for both DELAY time and PULSE length – Fast range is 0.5mS to 2 Sec and Slow Range is 2 Sec to 30 Sec.
  • Green status LED shows when the output pulse is high.

The Tone Science Chance Delay is available now, see the AJH site for details.

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