Larix-Elektro Intros 4 Eurorack Modules

New Eurorack maker Larix-Elektro let us know that they’ve introduced four Eurorack modules:

  • RITOURNELLE CV Generator
  • RITOURNELLE Shift-R extension module

Here are the details on each:

The RITOURNELLE CV Generator lets you generate CV sequences, up to 16 steps, using four parameters:

  • The number of steps NB from 1 to 16; and
  • 3 parameters adjusting the sequence.

Each of the 4 parameters has its own CV entry, which means that you can dynamically vary the sequence using CVs.

Two expansion modules are available, the AttV-4 and Shift-R.

The CONTROLE AttV-4 is a bank of 4 Attenuverters that can be used in several ways, including:

  • 4 independent Attenuverters;
  • 4 input mixer, with the SUM output; and
  • 1 to 4 signal dispatcher, with the MAIN IN input.

The RITOURNELLE Shift-R is an extension for the CV Generator, that adds 8 triggers out.

It converts the 8 bits that are used to generate the CV output of the module, into 8 outputs: 1 per bit.

The RITOURNELLE TRIG Generator is a Trig sequencer. It has 8 steps, which can be modified using a single parameter – using Euclidean rhythms and other techniques.

The number of steps is adjustable, as well as the choice of the first step.

Details on the new modules are available at the Larix-Electro site.

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