LIVEN 8Bit Warps Gets v3 Firmware Update And New All-Black Version

Sonicware has released version 3.0 firmware for the 8Bit Warps, a free update that adds new synthesis capabilities, effects sequencing options and more.

They’ve also introduced a ‘limited edition’ all-black version of the synth.

Here’s what’s new with LIVEN 8bit warps v3.0:

  • 8-bit waveform memory synth engine for creating a wide variety of sounds from Chiptune to Ambient
  • Four distinct 8-bit waveform memory synth engines (Includes waveform editing with waveform capture function)
  • Unique sound creation with aliasing noise on/off, detune and sweep functions
  • 128-step sequencer with parameter locking
  • 4-track looper for recording internal audio and external audio from the line input
  • 10 effects and 6 reverbs (switchable to the Cassette tape simulator)

Pricing and Availability:

The 8Bit Warps All Black edition is available now for $259 USD. The update is available as a free download.

One thought on “LIVEN 8Bit Warps Gets v3 Firmware Update And New All-Black Version

  1. updated it the other day – the extra effects are cool. personally even though the all black one looks kinda neat – that thing has to be difficult to play on a stage with dim lighting

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