MIDICake Arp 4-Channel MIDI Arpeggiator Now Available in Black

Midicake has introduced the Arp – Black, a color variant on the original Midicake Arp 4-Channel MIDI Arpeggiator.

The Midicake ARP is a MIDI sequence generator that offers 4 polyphonic channels, letting you create complex musical patterns that can be controlled and manipulated in real-time. Each arpeggiator can operate as a pad, chord, or arpeggio; outputting MIDI independently or combined on a single channel.

MIDI Output is via USB and MIDI ports, with the potential to control 8 unique devices. It can operate as a standalone controller or can be clock synced to any MIDI master.

Pricing and Availability:

The Midicake ARP is available now, in both Black and White color options, for £320 excluding VAT.

3 thoughts on “MIDICake Arp 4-Channel MIDI Arpeggiator Now Available in Black

  1. That’s pretty nice, but… you can do a lot more arpeggiating (and a whole lot more than just that) with an old, used iPad, CCK, and a mio MIDI and some apps for probably less money.

    1. No butts needed friend. Not everyone wants to suck apples. Money isn’t the only quantifier. Some individuals want to use specific hardware. I am not an armchair ‘meh’~sayer. I appreciate that new Midi Arps are still being made today… 45ish years down the road.

    2. you could say this about a lot of things on synthtopia, idk man i love having purpose built tactile instruments and tools, i work with computers all day and its nice to get away from that sometimes

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