New Sounds For Old Synths – 100 Patches For The Korg M1

More proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks – LFOstore has released Organica – a new collection of original “organic & unearthly sounds” for the Korg M1, M1R and M1 VST synthesizers.

The sound library showcases both the capabilities and limitations of the Korg M1, and offers a modern alternative to the well-worn original presets.

“We made a challenge to ourselves,” note the developers, “and made analog style patches, with modern vision, and also re-created classic ambient sounds.”

Organical features 100 patches, including:

  • Atmospheric & evolving pads
  • “Bright, powerful” strings
  • Re-creations of famous synth sounds
  • Plucks with deep reverbs
  • Basses & Leads

Pricing and Availability:

Organica is available now for €25.

4 thoughts on “New Sounds For Old Synths – 100 Patches For The Korg M1

  1. It might be an old dog… but what an old dog!
    I often use my M1 and it’s still in mint condition after all these years… the factory sounds are very stale and it’s only when you hear creative patches (such as these and by others) that you really get an idea of what it’s capable of. Great work.

  2. Sounds like great work! During the years I had my M1 I basically never used any of the supplied sounds, but programmed it for everything I needed. The biggest drawback was always the lack of resonant filters, but for some sounds it was possible to emulate this using the built in modulation effects.

  3. Patch sets like this are a great resource you can build on. Even a little reverse engineering can teach you a lot. Also, I agree that the more famous sounds of any vintage synth come across as stale, but many make great partners in 3- or 4-layered sounds. At a lower volume, the M1’s classic house piano adds muscle to any composite. That’s just one example. It can still contribute.

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