Cherry Audio X Synthzilla Japanese Monster Synth Coming Oct 10th

Cherry Audio today shared this teaser for a new software synthesizer that they describe as “a giant kaiju of synths”.

The new Synthzilla monster synth will make its official debut on Tuesday, October 10th at 10:00 am PDT USA (1:00 pm EDT USA | 5:00 pm GMT | 6:00 pm UK).

In the meantime, leave a comment and let us know what you think they’ve got coming!

15 thoughts on “Cherry Audio X Synthzilla Japanese Monster Synth Coming Oct 10th

    1. Will be an instabuy from me. Love all my CA synths.
      Great products, hassle free install and super affordable.
      Sonic sound mangling fun.

        1. Hilarious to mock some Asian speakers for mixing up 2 consonants
          when you can’t say a single one of their vowels correctly.

          Go back to your 1823 hideyhole.

  1. Since they’re going with a Japanese tone, I’m wondering which classic beastie it’ll be based on. They did the CS-80 and already have their own modular platform, so…. ?

  2. This ends up being a guessing list of Japanese synths from back in the day. A Korg PS? Jupiter 8? Much as i love their Polymoog and CS80, i was disappointed by their Elka. Lets see

  3. I still feel as if there’s a dual or even triple-layered Jupiter-8 mutant to be had. I can imagine a GAIA 2 thing, with a third oscillator that’s a wavetable. That kind of useful parameter upgrade is a Cherry Audio mainstay. I’d prefer that over another modular. No hard feelings if they do the PS-3300, but they already have a 2600 and their Voltage line, so a JP-24 would be a win for me.

  4. The most kaiju-ish synth I can think of is the Yamaha GX-1:

    * from Japan

    * epically gigantic

    * spoken of mostly in legend

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