Behringer Victor Vector Synthesis Eurorack Module Now Shipping

Behringer today announced that Victor, a Eurorack oscillator that’s based on the Vector Synthesis capabilities of the Sequential Prophet VS, is now shipping.

The Prophet VS introduced Vector Synthesis – an approach to synthesis that lets you position four different oscillator waveshapes at the extremes of an X/Y grid, and then control the waveshape mix, using a joystick controller or other types of modulation.

Behringer announced the Victor about a year ago, but many of the company’s synths and modules have been delayed by shortages of the electronic components needed to put designs into production.

The Victor has CV & Gate inputs for monophonic control, but Behringer has suggested on their Facebook page that the USB connector will let Victor be used polyphonically. We see no mention of this in the module specs, though.

Behringer hasn’t said where the module name comes from, but readers of a certain age may recall a running gag in the disaster comedy film, Airplane, that plays on the word ‘vector’:

Pricing and Availability

Behringer says that the Victor is now shipping from the factory and is priced at $99 USD.

8 thoughts on “Behringer Victor Vector Synthesis Eurorack Module Now Shipping

  1. You can sort of use it ‘polyphonically’: Via midi CC you have independent control over the 4 oscillator volumes and their pitches. There are no envelopes on board controlling volume, and the module will not respond to note on/off so you ‘d have to use a midi sequencer to control these 4 oscillators independently. And you could send the sound it into a filter for a paraphonic effect.

    1. Thank you for this comment! They say “lush chords” but nowhere is there a mention of polyphony so it was a bit of a mystery to me. Still, not very straightforward, is it?

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