Synth-a-Sette Is A Portable Analog Synth That You Can Play With Bananas & Beer Cans

David Levi, inventor and owner of MicroKits, let us know about an unusual analog synth he created, the Synth-a-Sette.

The Synth-a-Sette is described as “Part synthesizer, part cassette, all analog sound”. It’s a pocket synth that you can play with your fingers on touchpads. But it also comes with alligator clips that you can attach to the touch pads an then clip onto fruits, forks and other conductive objects, so that you can turn them into musical instruments.

“My instrument might be more on the ‘beginner’ or closer to the toy side of the market,” notes Levi, “but I think this is a good way for people, especially students, to get their hands on electronic music. There’s two different ways to get creative, all in a package that fits in cassette case!”

Here are a few more examples of the Synth-A-Sette in action:

And here’s a user review:

About The Developer:

The Synth-A-Sette was created by musician and inventor David Levi, who we featured on the site about 10 years ago, for creating a unique instrument, the Magnetic Cello.

After a few years working in the toy industry at Hasbro and Mattel, he started his own company in 2020, MicroKits. His first product was a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) theremin kit that lets kids build an instrument from individual electronic components.

He notes, “After the success of the theremin kit, I was able to put resources into designing the Synth-a-Sette. It took more than a year and a dozen prototypes to create the final synth, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

Pricing and Availability:

The Synth-A-Sette is available from Amazon and directly from MicroKits for $49.95.

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