Auburn Sounds Intros Inner Pitch, A Free ‘Fun-to-use’ Pitch-shifting Effect

Auburn Sounds has introduced Inner Pitch, described as “a fun-to-use pitch-shifting plug-in, with a very high-quality, natural sound”.

Inner Pitch can:

  • Shift pitch,
  • Shift formants,
  • Reinforce bass with dry/wet,
  • Double a track,
  • Stereoize with L/R pitch difference,
  • Synthesize “hellish soundscapes”, and
  • Create endlessly ascending sounds or conversely, endless falls.

It’s available in both free and paid versions, for Linux, Mac & Windows.

Pricing and Availability:

Two versions are available:

  • Inner Pitch FREE Edition gets everything described above.
  • Inner Pitch FULL Edition unlocks more quality options, to improve CPU or audio quality. It’s available with an intro price of $29 USD through Oct 20th, 2023 (normally $38.67).

4 thoughts on “Auburn Sounds Intros Inner Pitch, A Free ‘Fun-to-use’ Pitch-shifting Effect

  1. I’m not very happy with my initial test. It was not natural sounding at all. It sounded way worse than any pitch shifter I already have. And the controls are not very intuitive.

    It is possible that this requires that I read the manual to understand the tweaking options, but my first impression is that this is not for general pitch shifting needs. At all.

    Save your money. I think.

  2. Freemium, not Free. Product sounds terrible. Major DAWs have pitch-shifting tools that sound better than this out of the box.

    1. Yea, I stupidly bought before trying. I really shouldn’t trust that ad text as much as I do.

      Thought I learned that lesson, but apparently I needed a reminder.

      Less trust for Auburn, even though this one was on me.

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