64 New Sounds For The Sequential Take 5 Synthesizer

In his latest video, synthesist Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) shares his thoughts on the Sequential Take 5 synthesizer, offers some sound design tips and demonstrates his new sound library.

“This thing is surprising deep. It’s really underrated!” he notes. “If you stop comparing it to a Prophet 5 and just take it for what it is, it really is a smashing little thing, and you can come up with some otherwordly sounds for it.”

Johnson’s Sequential Take 5 soundset is available via his site.

One thought on “64 New Sounds For The Sequential Take 5 Synthesizer

  1. Johnson makes everything sound so good that it gives me G.A.S..

    Nobody knew what to make of the Take 5 when it was introduced, but it really seems like an excellent synth. All the synths that Dave Smith introduced towards the end of his life – like the OB6 and the Trigon – are modern classics.

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