Instruo arbhar Granular Processor v2.0 Firmware Overview

Instruo has released arbhar V2.0, a major firmware update for their Eurorack granular processing module.

arbhar firmware version 2 (2023) adds a variety of new features:

  • Up to 88 stereo grains between two granular engines, allowing for polyphonic layering
  • Mono and stereo input configurations
  • Six 10 second individual audio buffers
  • 1 volt per octave pitch tracking
  • On-board random pitch deviation and grain direction probability
  • Scan mode, Follow mode, and Wavetable mode
  • Stereo pan, feedback delay, and reverb configurations
  • Built-in condenser microphone
  • Analogue input pre-amplifier and limiter
  • Audio analysis with onset detection for automatic audio capturing
  • Includes 2 HP passive CV Expansion module and 4GB USB flash drive
  • User-definable configuration for complete instrument customisation
  • Save, Load and Clone audio between layers
  • Curate/recall entire performance configurations with up to 42 Scenes.
  • USB import and export functionality

The video offers a comprehensive (3+ hour) guide to the new firmware.

See the Instruo site for information.

5 thoughts on “Instruo arbhar Granular Processor v2.0 Firmware Overview

  1. I LOVE my Arbhar and the Lubadh, but the videos are SOOO long. Updated my module earlier and hopefully I can stumble into the new features.

    1. Maybe Instruo should try Expert Sleepers’ approach to Disting videos? I like how they’re pretty short and focused on each mode individually.

    2. I mean the entire video is bookmarked with dozens of chapters

      You can literally pinpoint the info you want and watch that

      The videos are great – I always come away knowing something more than I did going in

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