AKAI APC64 Ableton Live Controller Review

In his latest Loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the new AKAI Professional APC64 controller for Ableton Live.

As always, Eliraz offers a comprehensive feature overview, demos and examples, and his take on the pros and cons.

Check out the video, and share your thoughts on the new APC64 in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:40 Overview
2:05 Grid modes
4:30 Fader modes
6:30 Seq mode
8:40 Buttons
9:35 Screen
10:35 Build
11:00 I/O
11:50 Note mode
12:45 Chord mode
13:20 Drum modes
14:00 Ableton Live
14:30 Live rec
15:15 Quantization
16:05 Automation
17:00 Step seq
17:45 Seq settings
18:40 Modifiers
20:10 Seq live rec
21:45 Performance
22:15 Important tips
22:25 Poly AT v MPE
23:00 Device params
23:50 More buttons!
25:20 Device lock?
25:55 Seq + Live
26:40 Note repeats?
26:55 Latency
27:30 Pros and cons
32:15 Outro

6 thoughts on “AKAI APC64 Ableton Live Controller Review

  1. At $399 usd it’s much cheaper than the PUSH 3 but I still suspect it will struggle a bit…the screen on the PUSH 3 and rotaries etc are worth the extra to me. Still nice to have choices though.

    1. because it is a different company and companies don’t decide to just not make products because there are competitors that make more expensive gear

  2. As an Ableton controller, it may not bring much new to the table. But for some, the configurable CV outputs are going to be a huge selling point. Not only with respect to controlling modular synth setups in its standalone mode, but also with respect to interfacing a PC/Mac running Ableton to modular. My only wish is that it had 16 CV outputs instead of 8.

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