Shut Up & Play: 50 Sounds For The Behringer Edge

Sound designer Anton Anru has introduced Techno Generator, a collection of 50 patches for the analog semi-modular synthesizer Behringer Edge.

The no-talking demo is not just a blah-blah-blah free demo of Anru’s patch library, but a comprehensive introduction to the sound design possibilities of the Edge.

Here’s what Anru has to say about the patch library:

“Though the title includes «Techno», the patches may be used in a wide variety of genres. Techno is just the first thing comes in my mind when I tweak and listen to EDGE. Analog phatness, experimental sounds, huge basses, vivid leads, freaky sequences, electronic drums, generative-fx patches work nicely not only in techno, they will decorate any track where a decent sound design is welcome.

The soundset is presented in PDF format. Each page contains notes that explain how the patch works, what parameters are worth tweaking during playback, and how to develop the timbre during a performance. If you make all the settings consciously and try the things mentioned in the notes, you will learn a lot about the synth and discover its true depth.”


00:00 LD Acid Taste
01:45 BS Life With Kick
02:51 PR Ringtone
04:14 BS Bass’n’Bleep
05:31 PR Craftwork
06:39 BS Unison Acid
07:58 LD Faulty Device
09:27 LD Silky Sine
10:49 PR Sacred Rite
12:09 BS Admixture
13:24 PR Nervous Beat
15:03 BS Overtones
16:06 LD Memories Of S&H
17:25 BS Eccentric Saw
18:12 PR Saucepan
19:15 BS Palette
20:17 GEN Interplanetory
22:14 BS Bees On Bass
23:17 LD Oversaturated
24:27 LD Birth Of Modular
25:30 BS Full Range
26:32 PR Latino
27:54 BS Progressive
29:00 LD Glider
30:03 BS Colossus
31:08 LD Aloof
32:23 PR HiHat, Tom, Snare
33:13 GEN Secret Message

Note: The Edge does not support presets, so these patches are presented as illustrations, showing the settings and patching needed to recreate the sounds.

See Anru’s site for details.

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