Live Berlin School Performance, ‘Analog Crabs’

Synthesist Karol Pokojowczyk (Caught in Joy) shared this live Berlin School style performance, Analog crabs, from his album La chica de la playa.

“These live electronic music performances blend elements of the ’70s electronica, dark ambient, minimal and Berlin School,” Pokojowczyk notes, “Performed right at my home studio, featuring various Moog synthesizers, such as Moog One, Matriarch, Mavis, Prophet-10, and modular synths in the Eurorack format. Each instrument is intricately patched using some diverse guitar pedals to enhance the ambience and mood.”

One thought on “Live Berlin School Performance, ‘Analog Crabs’

  1. Beautifully done and without being an obvious derivative of anyone else. Neat trick! Every synth player should have a couple of “Berlin” pieces under their belts. The style has a lot of natural appeal, since it shows off an area that’s strictly in the synth domain. Give it a shot; its a lot of fun, as long as you don’t get all anal over it. 😛

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