Muro Box N40 Chromatic MIDI Music Box Now Available To Pre-order

Muro Box Global has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the N40, a MIDI-compatible music box that has a built-in pickup and audio output.

The N40 builds on the original Muro Box, with expanded range, chromatic notes and more. Two options are available:

  • The N40 Sublime edition is their flagship version. It features two sets of combs, detuned by 14 cents to create a chorus effect. It features a solid brass base and aged acacia case.
  • The N40 Standard design features a zinc alloy base and maple case.

Both the N40 Sublime and N40 Standard support Din 5 midi and USB-C MIDI control:

The developers market the N40 as both a high-end, programmable music box and as a MIDI-controllable instrument.

Here’s synthesist & instrument designer Christophe Duquesne demonstrating the N40 in a cinematic ‘Halloween style’ electro-acoustic performance, featuring the N40 music box paired with La Voile from La Voix du Luthier, an Eagan Matrix Module from Haken Audio and an Osmose from Expressive E.

Here’s a music-only example from Duquesne, demonstrating how MIDI control and the audio output make it easy to use the N4o for professional recording:

Pricing and Availability:

The N40 Music Box is being produced via a Kickstarter project, and it’s available to backers starting at $972 USD. The project has already met its funding goal. The smaller N20 is also available for $299, but with a smaller range and no MIDI control.

Note: Crowdfunded projects can involve risk. See the project site for details.

12 thoughts on “Muro Box N40 Chromatic MIDI Music Box Now Available To Pre-order

  1. This is so cool. I’d love to see some more midi controlled acoustic instruments. It’s not cheap but it’s unique and sounds great.

  2. Truly a luxury item, as no tricks are required to get a convincing sample set.

    I do like these kinds devices. It would be cool if it employed a larger comb with a more full sound and range. I can’t begin to imagine how velocity could be used to add dynamics.

    Cool to see Christophe Duquesne (SpringSound modeling app) is involved.

  3. reminder he worked with Hans Zimmer so that is the market for this music box. it would be nice if it did cost $299 with midi. Maybe Behringer will make one that cost 50 bucks, with midi and cv control.

    1. My understanding is that Duquesne is one of the soloists on the upcoming Dune soundtrack. If you’re in that league, you have to have professional instruments.

      The X Air mixers are just about the only thing Behringer has made that’s pro-level gear. None of their synths are at that level yet.

  4. I think the point would be lost without MIDI control, because that’s what brings out the instrument’s best potential. It sounds beautiful, like a modern counterpoint to a glass armonica. I’m especially drawn to sounds with a bell aroma, so this thing feels magical.

    Todd Rundgren once said that it was rare to enter someone’s home and see amps and synthesizers. That’s become more common, whereas a Muro Box is an exotic beast. Whip that out and become the talk of the party. Weird & wonderful.

    1. When I worked keyboards at GC in SF, Todd came in one night mid-week like an hour before closing. He was so cool and down to earth. We talked music gear and Amiga computers. The drummer I was playing with at the time was big into Utopia so I knew who he was, but was not a fanboy by any means. He hung out for about 45 minutes and we just talked and he checked out synth/keyboard gear. Very cool normal guy. He signed something I grabbed from the book rack before he left. Still have it.

      1. Cool story. I don’t fanboy about many artists. He’s one though. I’ve listened to that music so much throughout my life. It’s weird how he feels like family to me, and he has no idea who I am.

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