Recreating Edgar Winter’s ‘Frankenstein’ Synth Solo

In his latest video, synthesist & sound designer Anthony Marinelli tackles recreating the classic synth solo of Edgar Winter‘s Frankenstein using his ARP 2600.

He covers the solo sound of Frankenstein, the bass sound & the iconic percussive sound effects.

While Marinelli uses an ARP 2600, most of what he covers is relevant to the various reissues, clones and knockoffs that are now available. Note his discussion of the unique pitch bend of the original ARP keyboard, which is important to recreating the expression of Winter’s monster solo.

2 thoughts on “Recreating Edgar Winter’s ‘Frankenstein’ Synth Solo

  1. 1. I’ve been a Marinelli fan since “Blue Thunder,” which is a soundtrack so well-muscled, its like its own superhero. I’ve enjoyed synths for a long time, which is why I bow to the godfathers. Even their casual tips are tiny tutorials. I always pick up something useful.

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