Free Patch Editor For The Behringer Pro-800

Developer Björn Lohmander let us know that Swumpf Pro-800 – a free patch editor for the Behringer Pro-800 synthesizer – is now available to download:

“The Swumpf Pro-800 editor is now also available for download to run offline.

Previously, it was online only, but now there’s the option to run it on your most distant off the grid computers.

Swumpf Pro-800 is an editor and controller, as well as a librarian, where you can copy/paste, import and export syx files. The online version of the editor also features patch banks with sounds from the community.

Pricing and Availability:

Swumpf Pro-800 is available now as a online/offline browser-based editor. It’s free to use, but you can support its development via a Paypal link at project site.

17 thoughts on “Free Patch Editor For The Behringer Pro-800

  1. Clicking the “available now” hot link brings you to a page that requests control over your MIDI devices. This seems like pretty odd behavior to me. It would be nicer if there was some contact information or a better link provided. If you decline the control option, you are left with a black screen that, pretty much, does nothing.

        1. Hello!

          It works perfectly well without internet connection. Due to limitations in Edge and Firefox you will need Chrome or Chromium browser for it to work. Download button is found under Settings. Best of luck! / Björn

      1. I don’t, which was the reason for my initial comment. The text in the article seems to indicate that the program can be used locally (i.e., not on-line). Given that assumption, when I clicked on the link I expected to find some source for the downloading of an application that would allow me to use the editor locally. What I found was a request for access to MIDI on my DAW, and no other useful information. Denying the request resulted in a blank screen.

        1. Hello! You are correct, the editor is primarily for users who want to use it online and therefore you must allow the editor midi-access. 🙂 However, if you don’t want to use the online version and/or deny midi-access you can decline that. You’ll find the download button under Settings. All you need is Google Chrome for it to work, no internet access required.

          Best of luck and let me know if you have any further questions! 🙂 / Björn

    1. You can click ‘Settings’ and get full options, without giving it control over MIDI.

      But you’ll need to give it MIDI access if you want to actually control your synth.

      1. That’s the problem, you can’t access “Settings” unless you give permission to access your MIDI implementation, apparently. Either the thing functions as a local application or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t I have no interest in it,

        1. It’s really not that hard.
          You have to allow it access to your MIDI so that it can control / edit your synth via MIDI.
          It’s like when you plug a USB drive or other external drive into your PC for the first time you have to give permission, or allow it, to read that drive.
          It doesn’t matter if it’s online or not, you still will have to allow it to make changes via MIDI cc or sysex etc.

  2. Hi, This editor appears to be very good (the best) Anyone know if its possible a to run the editor in parallell with Cubase. I havent had any synths for ages and have forgotten all of the midi connection stuff and im soon 70 so im a bit slow when it comes to try out different options until i sort it out.

    Mikael in Sweden

  3. Is it possible to run the editor in parallell with for example Cubase? Ttried without success. Probably a midi issue but i cant fint out what. Running it alone is no problem but for some reason my UR 44 C does not transtmitt the audio. The editor is awesome and responds very well to midi. Given that im almost 70 old and a bit slow it would help a lot to ge rid of remembering the button commands. Id gladly donate if i can get it running with Cubase

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