Zeppelin Design Labs Intros Noisette Optical Theremin DIY Kit

Zeppelin Design Labs has introduced the Noisette, a DIY Optical Theremin kit that they say “generates crazy sounds – from spooky and creepy to atmospheric and spacey”.

The pitch and volume of the Noisette are controlled by two light sensors, while the master volume and wave shape are controlled by two potentiometers.

The Noisette kit was designed with STEM students in mind, as a stepping stone into the world of DIY audio electronics. The 30-page manual has over 100 assembly photographs and comes complete with schematics, circuit descriptions, and a brief history of how the original Theremin was developed.


  • 2 Optical sensors to control pitch and volume
  • Master volume control knob
  • Wave Shape Select: Square, sine, or anything in between
  • On-board speaker
  • Audio output jack for either headphones or auxiliary line out
  • Can be powered with either a 9-volt battery or an external 9-volt power adapter
  • Only 18 parts that need to be assembled to the circuit board; only takes a few hours to complete
  • Suitable for kids as young as 8 years old, with adult supervision

Pricing and Availability:

The Noisette kit is available now for $39 USD.

11 thoughts on “Zeppelin Design Labs Intros Noisette Optical Theremin DIY Kit

  1. So, the only sound demo of this on their website is a short video with it going through 6 (yes SIX) different effect pedals.
    The actual sound demo is less than 9 seconds long, with the other 1 minute and 30 seconds being Brach from Zeppelin Design talking about it.
    I mean we all know how a Theremin sounds, but come on, I was expecting a little bit more.
    Plus, I could probably fart through those 6 effects pedals and make it sound good.

  2. Yea, this is more of a DIY kit for fun, not a legit theremin. If you want to know how it’ll sound search up “drawdio” or “solar theremin kit” they’ll work with the same basic design. Not a great sound, but for kids, it’s a fun project.

  3. If you are interested In the theremin, buy a real one, a musical instrument.

    A noise box is not a musical instrument and calling it a theremin makes the theremin look worse than really is.

    You can call a halloween decoration a theremin too. Sure sounds like one.

    There are better musical projects for kids.

    1. You’re making this so complicated. A sound making device that uses hand proximity to control pitch and volume, but you don’t want them call that a theremin?

  4. Well it is not a Theremin a real Theremin is based on the body NOT light..
    They could call it Beam Me Up, The light Noise Generator. NOT A THEREMIN!!!

      1. Why use the word Theremin when its not but for marketing social media, the word Theremin is like mosquitoes to skin. Just know I have a bridge to sell you but its not a bridge but a wooden stick called a bridge. And who cares about the cost of a real theremin it like any other real instrument. I would guess all believe McRids is real meat……

        I get it but this marketing junk it too much.
        how about calling it just Optical Noisette.

  5. I think most people won’t have a problem distinguishing between a $30 little DIY project and a theremin costing hundreds of dollars. But if it really bothers you that much, henceforth I shall refer to my solar theremin, my drawdio, and this, as “not-theremins”. Easy enough.

    1. Capacitance is to the Theremin what Strings are to the Guitar.
      If the “guitar” has buttons instead of strings, it is not a guitar.
      An IR LED is not a capacitor. Join Levnet and share your solar theremin works.

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