Roland Intros Augmented Reality For Visualizing Pianos In Your Home

Roland Corporation has introduced Roland AR, an Augmented Reality (AR) tool that lets you visualize how their pianos will fit into your home.

Roland AR leverages the power of LIDAR technology, found in modern mobile phones. Users can scan their environments and seamlessly incorporate true-to-scale virtual objects, such as the new GP Series Grand Pianos and popular LX and FP Series, into the scene. Roland says that this provides “an immersive and accurate representation of the instrument’s size, appearance, and fit.”

If they start doing this with synths, it could take G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) to a new level.

To try it out, see the Roland site.

3 thoughts on “Roland Intros Augmented Reality For Visualizing Pianos In Your Home

  1. I wonder if you will be able to aim the camera at your bank account.. and insert enough money to buy the piano. I mean lets be honest… if we want to pretend… why not keep the illusion alive. Id be willing to pay for the app.. you could also aim your phone at the driveway.. and the AR could put a delivery truck… just so you can imagine.. what it will be like to see it being delivered.

  2. Would really like to see a VR headset version of this where you can go to the Roland store and buy the piano in person, or add it to your basket and order it online. That way you can have the full piano visualization experience from start to finish, just to know whether it’ll work for you or not. VR/AR shopping simulation still has a ways to go but the tech keeps getting more and more sophisticated, looking forward to seeing how this develops

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