Molchat Doma Live At The Moog Sound Lab

Moog Music has released a new artist performance video from the Moog Sound Lab, the studio space and ‘electronic playground’ at its headquarters in Asheville, NC.

The video features Belarusian-turned-LA post-punk trio Molchat Doma, performing Na Dne, At the Bottom, the opening track from their second studio album. The group has a modern take on the classic ‘80s synth-driven sound.

In the performance, the band uses Moog One, Moog Grandmother, and a Novation 49SL MKIII to build the track’s melodic leads and bass.

Molchat Doma band members:

  • Egor Shkutko: vocals
  • Roman Komogortsev: guitar, synths, and drum machine
  • Pavel Kozlov: bass and synths

See their site for more info.

17 thoughts on “Molchat Doma Live At The Moog Sound Lab

  1. Not into it. Wannabe goth.
    here is some homework
    The Sisters of Mercy
    Killing Joke
    Venus Fly Trap
    X-Mal Deutschland

  2. It’s amusing how low synth users set the bar for music. This is utterly mediocre. Maybe quit watching gear porn jams and ponder next purchases, and you’ll figure out the field between the classics of yesteryear and the redundancy of today.

    1. It’s amusing how low you set the bar for your comments. This is utterly mediocre. Maybe if you have something constructive to say, you might think about elevating your expression above anonymous Internet whinging.

    1. As a native speaker of Russian, I can absolutely say that in this performance you can only make out a few words, because mostly everything is hidden behind the thick reverb. A truly innovative band was and remains the ?????????. The peak of its originality was in 1985-1987 – this was the time of the USSR.
      My friend and I, being fans of Synth/Techno-pop at one time, wrote and performed in English. You might be interested in this:

  3. It’s okay.
    I prefer their original version off the album ????? than this one though.
    This sounds too bright and clean, the original is darker and moodier somehow.

  4. Hello, I am a total ignorant on midi controllers, I got intrigued by this comment : “a Novation 49SL MKIII to build the track’s melodic leads and bass.”
    What exactly does it mean ? The Novation can record the bass and lead from the Grandmother but also allows the Grandmother being played live at the same time even being a mono synth ? I would really appreciate an explanation as I own a g=Grandmother and I was thinking on getting a Matriarch, but if the Novation can help that way I will better acquire it and keep the GM. Thanks in advance

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