Steinberg Cubase 13 Now Available, Here’s What’s New

Steinberg has released Cubase 13, a major update to the DAW that brings user interface refinements, new features, the return of Steinberg Vocoder, workflow enhancements and more.

Here’s what’s new in Cubase 13:

  • The VocalChain plug-in combines all processing steps of the vocal mixing workflow in one plug-in, helping to make vocal recordings sound professional. Available as a highlight in the VocalChain plug-in as well as a separate plug-in, the new VoxComp in Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist is a compressor specifically designed for vocals, gently taming recordings without compromising clarity, transients, or expression.
  • The MIDI editors in Cubase have been enhanced with several new features which streamline the composition workflows in many ways. The powerful Range Selection tool is now available in the MIDI editors. Cubase Pro users can view and edit multiple parts directly from within the MIDI editors. Also the Step and MIDI input functions have been enhanced and MIDI CC recording can now be simplified for further editing.
  • The Chord Pads have also been completely redesigned and enhanced with new functionalities. The integrated Chord Assistant and the circle of fifths make it easy to find creative chord progressions, with presets that provide excellent starting points.
  • New compact orchestral library – With 140 articulations for 34 instruments in a compact 5 GB library, Iconica Sketch is a straightforward scoring utility which allows everyone from beginners to professional composers to create full orchestral scores of the highest quality.
  • Cubase 13 sees the return of the legendary Steinberg Vocoder. Users can create classic robotic vocals or add analog flavor to instruments with up to 24 filter bands, sidechain input, and in-depth control. There are two new equalizers, the EQ-P1A and the EQ-M5, for adding an extra touch of class to any production, while Black Valve is a classic tube compressor with lots of warmth, character, and sonic detail, making this tribute to one of the most iconic
    studio processors really stand out.
  • Other Changes:
    • New Spectral Warp modes in the Sampler Track for extreme manipulation and powerful envelope creation.
    • Five new sample packs by Grammy-winning producer Beat Butcha, creative mastermind Sharooz, and acclaimed sample boutiques 91Vocals and Touch Loops.
    • New Track Versions for the Video Track to make working with new video edits more convenient.
    • More flexible configuration of where playback starts.
    • A new Tap Tempo feature on the Transport Bar.
    • One-click change of mono to stereo and vice versa channel type.
    • New options for more flexibility and control when importing tracks, events, and time ranges.
    • New key commands
    • Readiness for widespread adoption of MIDI 2.0
    • Windows-compliant multi-window handling and an improved Windows video engine, including GPU hardware decoding for H264 and better overall performance.

Pricing and Availability:

Cubase Pro 13, Cubase Artist 13 and Cubase Elements 13 are available now, with the following pricing:

  • Cubase Pro 13 is 579 euros or 579.99 US dollars.
  • Cubase Artist 13 is 329 euros or 329.99 US dollars
  • Cubase Elements 13 is 99.99 euros or 99.99 US dollars

8 thoughts on “Steinberg Cubase 13 Now Available, Here’s What’s New

  1. I would love to see a MIDI only version of Cubase without any other features/bloatware.
    Some of us are still sequencing hardware as we where 30 years ago.
    Atari and Cubase where great sequencers .

  2. Not sure if it is worth of the main version upgrade. Some workflow and editing improvements are very cool, however rest is something I have already covered by 3rd party plugins in many variations.

    1. the main update of most of this kind of software seems to be the way they abandon older and extinct operative systems.. otherwise they all reached their peak years ago – useful stuff, but no need for upgrades

  3. I could never “connect” with Cubase… Learned to use Reaper and absolutely love it.
    I think Steinberg is clinging to an age-old business model, good luck to them I guess.

  4. Eivind is right. There’s a built-in “upgrade.” You eventually have to shed your gear-skin like a snake and step up to the next level. You get more power and the company staff continues to keep up with the rent. The Atari 1040ST got eclipsed by the Mega 4, etc. I learned to shrug it off and make my best call. Its a PITA, but its also why I have a dazzling mass of powerhouse tools, like a soft-CS-80 & tape-snarl-free Mellotron that bark with the big dogs, sooo…..

  5. It’s a really significant workflow improvement in several areas – which more people will become aware of, as soon as they are really using it. Concerning the update price from 12, the Iconica library, Vocoder and well organized Vocal chain alone are worth more than the price, not talking of the rest. I still couldn’t care less about other DAWs – not a single one of them offers the overall power and flexibility of Cubase IMO. But I understand that some prefer less complex solutions.

    1. Totally agree. Cubase user since Atari ST days and never looked back. I also use Logic, Live and Reason but, somehow always go back to Cubase

  6. Congrats to them for updating and upgrading workflow functionality as their major focus. Finally. acutally the most impressive update ive seen in a long time

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