Erik Norlander On The Rare Moog Memorymoog Plus Synthesizer

In this video, synthesist and synth designer Erik Norlander (Asia, Alesis Andromeda, IK Multimedia UNO) shares his thoughts on the rare Moog Memorymoog Plus, which is the prize in the latest Bob Moog Foundation fundraising raffle.

The Memorymoog Plus featured in the raffle comes from the collection of longtime Keyboard magazine editor Dominic Milano, who also wrote the Memorymoog manual.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization, completely independent of Moog Music, that is dedicated to preserving the legacy of synth designer Bob Moog. They do raffles periodically as fundraisers to help support their projects, which include the preserving Bob Moog’s archives, the Moogseum, and Soundschool, a ‘STEAM’ style curriculum that teaches kids the physics of sound through synthesis.

2 thoughts on “Erik Norlander On The Rare Moog Memorymoog Plus Synthesizer

  1. Owned one back in the late 80’s early 90’s. It was big and real heavy. It had a very potent sound that was easier to cut through guitars in the mix. Never had any problems with it. It was fun to play. Sold the Memorymoog and a good amount of other gear and bought a 1980 Corvette. Miss the Memorymoog!

  2. Not a very subtle synth IMO, more like tear your face off. I bought one new in 1982 and sold it in 1982. I credit (or blame) the Memorymoog Plus for my total lack of interest in analog. Everything I owned since is digital, digital hybrid, or a sampler.

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