Melbourne Instruments NINA Synthesizer v1.4

Synthesist Mike Pensini shared this overview and demo of Melbourne Instruments NINA firmware v1.4.

Especially notable in the demo is the use of aftertouch from the Expressive E Osmose, which offers one of the best implementations, ever, of keyboard aftertouch.

The NINA is a 12-voice desktop analog/digital hybrid synth, with motorized knobs that automatically update to whatever preset you have loaded. – giving you a what-you-see-is-what-you-get patch interface.

9 thoughts on “Melbourne Instruments NINA Synthesizer v1.4

  1. A pity the knobs don’t move dynamically when aftertouch is controlling the morph. Yet, I can imagine you might go crazy while playing if you’d see the physical knobs constantly going up and down.
    Still, it would be a spectacular option

    1. But it’s polyphonic. If the knobs moved, what voice would they follow? Besides they will always go back to the panel A when released. If you want to see the position of the knobs, just turn the morph knob.

      Anyway, it’s very clever, why didn’t anybody think of this before?
      So much cooler than just turning up the LFO or whatever.
      Can’t be too hard to implement on other synths either.
      Or what do I know..

      1. Yea, I supposes the only way you could do it would be to start on the sound you were on than at 50% (?) jump to the sound you were morphing to? Personally, I do see it as a lacking feature that’s going to stop anyone buying a Nina,

        1. if you’re modulating morph with an LFO how do you adjust the base value of the cutoff? I dont think what you’re suggesting makes any sense…..

        2. “that’s going to stop anyone buying a Nina”

          Right, a new “bonus” feature that did not exist two days ago on any synth in existence will stop ANYONE from buying it because its implementation is not visual enough specifically for YOU.

          So, who will be the first here to say it’s a gimmick and it’s better to use led rings like on his nord missing completely the point of all of the haptic feedback features and its proved resilient just because he can’t afford it?

            1. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, lol. Your claim that people won’t buy this synth unless it has an extra feature that you say you want is not “salty” at all.

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