Elastic Melody, ‘Melodic Sibling’ of Elastic Drums, Now Available

Developer Oliver Greschke has introduced Elastic Melody, a 3-track synthesizer and sequencer.

The focus of Elastic Melody is on fast and intuitive creation of melodies with a distinctive ‘analog’ sound.

Each of the synthesizers has its own sequencer, with independent sequence start/end and step len/speed, letting you create polyrythmic sequences. In the master section there are 4 effects (EQ, Chorus/Flanger, Delay, Reverb). And all parameters of a synthesizer and master effects can be automated.

A song screen gives you the option of arranging several patterns into a longer piece of music (song). Patterns can be moved and rearranged, including the number of repetitions.


– 3 tracks, each with an analog subtractive OSC that is connected to an associated sequencer
– Every track sequencer has its own start/end/timing parameter (allowing polyrhythms)
– 14 parameters per synth engine (waveform, lowpass, highpass, env, etc.)
– For each parameter, value changes can be drawn in an automation window
– Solo or mute function for the 3 synth channels

– 4 master effects (EQ, Chorus, Delay, Reverb)
– Automation for most parameters of the effects
– Master FX has its own start/end and timing parameters for automation

– Arrange several Pattern to a longer sequence … a Song
– Repeat count for Song Elements/Pattern
– Duplicate/Rename/Delete function for Pattern and Song Elements

– Undo / Redo
– Various randomise functions
– option to share and import presets
– AUv3 support
– Ableton Link support

Pricing and Availability:

Elastic Melody is available now for 6,99$ (US) / 7,99€ (EU) / 6,99£ (GB).

17 thoughts on “Elastic Melody, ‘Melodic Sibling’ of Elastic Drums, Now Available

  1. ‘Sibling of Elastic Drums’: not sure if that is a very good recommendation. That app and is ‘other sibling’ Elastic Effects are potentially good, but really stuck in the past as they never have been updated to the current standard AUv3. Many have requested for this.
    On reports of crashes of Elastic Drums have not been responded since last bug fix update of two years ago now. What did come 6 months later and is the last update is a new In-App Purchase Sample Kit.
    First sentence on the app store page is not: ‘now finally updated with AUv3!, it is: ‘Featured 170 times on App Store category pages!’

    P.S. Does the app come with ‘scale’ function? Does the app send out it’s midi data (over 3 channels)?

    P.S. there is a difference between ‘sound designers’ and youtubers, and like in this video it is often very hearable.

    P.S: in short: this critical text is a reaction to this developers overly bombastic presentations of well designed apps that have turned quickly into abandonwares

    1. Fist of all this article is about Elastic Melody!
      Yes, the app has a scale function.
      No the app has no Midi Out, otherwise it would be in the description.
      Midi out will come with an update, even this app is not a Midi Sequencer. It’s the strengt is in the combination of Sequencer, Synth and Effect combined with automation possibilities.

      If you call yourself a sound designer, I am happy to hear your creations

      About Elastic Drums: I made dozens of updates, which all were for free. But even programmers have to drink and eat sometimes. I had to work on other projects, otherwise I would be bankrupt by now.

      You paid probably 8-10 $ for this Elastic Drums. So you are expecting that this can include lifetime updates, bugfixes and improvements? How on earth should this work?
      Elastic Drums will have his 10th anniversary next year. So I plan to spend more time again into that baby next year.

      Peace and happiness ?

  2. Wow, thanks for the flowers teknoid. Elastic Drums is now 9 years old and I did dozens of dozens of updates without earning any money from that!
    I had to work on other projects, otherwise I would have been bankrupt by now!
    So you expect to buy an app once for 10$ and then you get support and updates for all eternity?
    How on earth you think that can work?

    I will concentrate more on Elastic Drums next year again, for it’s 10th anniversary!

    Apart from that, this post is about Elastic Melody, which is a completely new app. Yes the app has a scale function! Yes the app will get Midi out. And it will be not for IAP, if that’s you next suspect 😉
    If you call yourself a sound designer, send me your awesome presets please

    1. I totally get it… the economics of app development are not easy. As someone who bought Elastic Drums many years ago and wish it had AUv3, I’d happily pay another $10 for a new version that included this functionality.

        1. Ups, sorry, the above comment was related to teknoid. Unfortunately, you can not edit comments here, neither delete double comments.
          Yeah, as I already said, I will work again on Elastic Drums next year

        2. thinking that toxic positivity is better then a critical opinion is not very intelligent.
          i think they balance eachother out a little, even though it is one against many in this case.
          I will not buy the app as it does nothing other apps can’t do. And for reasons stated earlier. Critical notes are not toxic so don’t gaslight saying that they are. good day

  3. i don‘t know why you reframe things twice as to i nowwhere stated that i am a sounddesigner.
    My music has pretty cool sounds though.
    I was commenting on the closed ‚iOS scene’ youtubers circuit that scratch eachothers back criticlesly for a free app or for payment. And per useual you activated every single one of them for this new release. And maybe you willl reach ‘Featured 170 times on App Store category pages! Nothing wrong with that, but wait i have heared the synth engine of this app. Maybe better to have put some more effort in that.. priorities i guess

    Ann Ii do understand that apps can have limited lifespann. But ask yourself, is not reacting to crashreports, but adding inApps instead, and no communication about end of life, and keeping the app in the appstore, good practise?

    As to thanks for the flowers, don‘t worry, this is not influencing your appsales. There are other forums where iOS peepz are. Here basically nobody cares if you ask me.

  4. a previous answer of mine had not been removed. it was critical, but nuanced and not breaking any rules.
    thanks for your generously offer me to do free sound design for you, just like your armies of youtubers and bloggers do for you, all spreading Toxic Positivity. If you are an online marketing company that happens to do music apps, fine, but be ready from some feedback from the Target Audience:
    honestly the worst sounding synth engine ever
    good luck with a gimmicky app, i m sure it will be fine: youtube is exploding with ‘Sounddesigners’ doing your promotion as we speak. ‘game changer, Absolutely Brilliant’
    Sound: fart, fart…

  5. I wish this was usable on a desktop Mac. I see a lot of apps roll by that seem too convoluted or esoteric, but this one is focused enough that it really feels like a compositional aid. It suggests things without forcing them on you, as some apps do. Nice work, Oliver. Good designers/coders are often unsung heroes.

  6. Bought it. Played with it. Really fun and creative. Great for quickly catching new ideas. That is exactly what music apps on the iPad should be about. I don’t like big daw-like apps or overly complicated apps. For that I have my computer and a nice screen. But for instant fun, this is perfect.

  7. At the Price of 2 cups coffee I dont even watch a single video I just buy it and have some fun with it 🙂 I used elestic drum for a while even back in the day and I loved it and I would also love to see a AUV3 version I would pay easily 10$ via IAP just for this function. Dont listen to the toxic comments here thats the sad thing about this website here are so many sad people.

  8. thank you for your amazing work, oliver! elastic drums is by far my favourite iOS drum synth / groovebox. i don’t care for AUV3, i just build patterns and sample them if i want to use them elsewhere.. congrats on the new release – looks and sounds great!!

  9. Klingt sehr geil! Hoffe, mein uraltes iPad kriegt das noch gerendert.
    Elastic Drums ist auch meine Lieblings IOS Groovebox. Und… lass dich ned von Internet-Quenglern nerven, die glauben man würde ihnen für Zwofuffzich die Welt hinprogrammieren.

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