Polyend Play Plus Groovebox In-Depth Review

In the latest Loopop video, synthesist Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the Polyend Play Plus – a major upgrade to original Play groovebox.

The Play Plus adds 8 synth voices, multichannel USB streaming and stereo samples. Eliraz compares the Play Plus to the original Play, discusses the new features, explores the new synth engines, discusses its pros and cons and more.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:15 Plus vs Play
3:10 Similarities
3:55 Synth UI
4:35 Connectivity
4:50 Upgrade path
5:10 Workflow
5:40 Synth basics
6:30 Slot params
8:20 Macros
10:45 Patch editor
12:00 ACD
14:55 FAT
16:45 VAP
19:55 WTFM
22:25 Fills & synths
24:05 Piano roll
24:25 Export
24:40 Delete unused
24:50 Custom fx
25:00 Pros & cons
31:00 Factory 1
31:30 Factory 2
32:05 Factory 3
32:50 Factory 4

One thought on “Polyend Play Plus Groovebox In-Depth Review

  1. ordered this. will sell my oxi one that i never really bonded with.
    main motivation is the generative functions and all smart direct tricks that seem to make programming rhythm super fast and take out the tediousness of sequencing.
    screen and font on screen looks super clear. the ui seems realy intuitive
    maybe this is what native instrument maschine plus could have been for performing

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