Polyend Intros Play+ 16-track Sample & Synth Goovebox


Polyend has introduced the Play+, a 16-track sample and synth-based groovebox.

Play+ retains the original external Play design and workflow, but an upgraded processor enables a host of new features, including stereo sample playback, multitimbral polyphonic synthesis, and seamless audio over USB.

Play+ offers more than just sample and MIDI playback; it now features four synth engines:

  • ACD: ACD is a recreation of iconic single-oscillator monophonic analog synths that transport you back to the golden age of electronic music.
    FAT: FAT is a powerhouse synth engine that epitomizes the lush, vintage warmth of classic analog synthesizers.
  • VAP: VAP is a Virtual Analog Polysynth that boasts a dual-oscillator architecture and a versatile modulation matrix.
  • WTFM: WTFM is a unique 2-operator FM synth engine that utilizes WaveTable-based oscillators driven by a 3x feedback system.

Multi-Track Audio Over USB Integration and Stereo Expansion

Play+ also features stereo sample playback and new stereo sample packs. And with Play+, each track can be sent to your DAW separately, for flexibility in post-production. With up to 14 stereo tracks via USB, you can enhance your tracks with external effects, or add depth during a live set.


  • Ins & Outs
    • Stereo Line/Headphones Out
    • MIDI In
    • MIDI Out
    • USB-C
  • In the box
    • Play+
    • Play+ Essential References book
    • USB-A power adapter
    • USB-C cable (2 m)
    • Stereo 3.5 mm to 2x Mono 6.3 mm adapter
    • Minijack to MIDI DIN adapter (Type B)
    • 16 GB super-fast MicroSD Card
    • MicroSD to USB-A Adapter
  • Size and Weight
    • Height (w/buttons): 1.3 inches (3.3 cm)
    • Width: 11.02 inches (28.2 cm)
    • Depth: 8.15 inches (20.7 cm)
    • Weight: device: 2.65 lbs (1.2 kg)

Pricing and Availability:

Play+ is available now for $/€ 799. Upgrades from Play to Play+ will be offered at $/€ 399.

6 thoughts on “Polyend Intros Play+ 16-track Sample & Synth Goovebox

  1. $399 to upgrade. Dayum! If thats what it cost then thats what it cost but geez. The original play cost $799 if im correct, they just recently dropped the price. I had the Play for about a month, if it had synth engines id of probably had it longer so this is tempting. Everyone raves about the sequencer and I get it but I like the “one box to make songs” sort of mentality versus spending $800 on the Play for its sequencer when you coul djust get an Oxi One or a cheaper sequencer.

  2. The upgrade price seems to have upset a lot of people (along with the very short time from realise to a new version), seems expensive for what is essentially just a more powerful CPU.

    I have seen the OG Play which was a new release a year ago half in price overnight, but then if you want ROI music gear probably isn’t the way to go!

  3. Good to see that a more powerful processor opens doors to lots of additional musical functionality. Great that the PolyEnd folk have been able to put the extra power to good use, software development is neither cheap nor easy!

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