ARP Foundation Announces Project To Make A Vintage ARP 2500 Available To The Public

The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation – a non-profit, dedicated to preserving the legacy of ARP’s founder –  has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund a project to restore a vintage ARP 2500 modular system and make it available to the public.

The 2508 cabinet was assembled as a complete self-contained 2500 synthesizer, featuring original oscillator, filter, sequencer, envelope and mix-sequencer modules, all linked by the flexible 2500 patch matrix system. It also contains a new oscillator module designed and built for the Foundation by Phil Cirocco of CMS (Discrete Music Systems.)

The goal is to make it the first publicly-accessible ARP 2500 synthesizer in the USA, as part of the foundation’s ARPs For All Program.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Thanks to a generous donation by former ARP employee Bruce McLendon, the Foundation recently welcomed a 2508 Wing Cabinet into its collection of legendary ARP synthesizers.

A ery small percentage of people have ever had an in-person ‘close encounter’ with a 2500, and through our ARPs For All program, we plan to change that.

The restoration process has been very laborious and time-consuming, and this is where we need your help! If we reach our goal with your donations, this will become the only ARP 2500 available for public use in the USA.

Filling a missing module, sourcing a keyboard, and adding a protective case will cost upwards of $6000.

We are asking for donations of any amount… BUT we have some GREAT perks for those who help us – including actual hands-on time with the wonderful and rare ARP 2500 in Boston!

All funds will go towards the Foundation’s 2500’s restoration effort and the ARPs for All project.”

Perks for backing the campaign include a reprint of a vintage ARP poster (below), studio time with the vintage ARP 2500 and more.

See the campaign site for details.

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