UVI Intros HX-20 Software Synth, Inspired By Classic Korg MS-20

UVI has introduced HX-20, a new virtual instrument, inspired by the classic Korg MS-20 synth from the ’70s.

They’re also bringing back gratuitously sexy 3D renderings of virtual instruments, to the point that you might think, on first view of their intro video, that HX-20 is a hunk of beefy analog goodness. The virtual patch cables have shadows.

HX-20 is the debut release in UVI’s new HX Series, which they say builds on their history in hardware sampling and physical modeling. HX-20 is based on deep sampling of the original hardware, paired with two new layers of hardware-based wavetables, and physically-modeled filters to create “a powerful and compelling sonic tool with incredible character”.

HX-20 features 2 hardware-based wavetable oscillators and a sample-based oscillator, feeding a pair of analog-modeled filters, all with ADSR envelopes and numerous modulation points. Other features include a powerful arpeggiator/phraser, macros and studio effects.

HX-20 Overview:

HX-20 Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

HX-20 is available with an intro price 49,00 € (normally 79,00 €).

One thought on “UVI Intros HX-20 Software Synth, Inspired By Classic Korg MS-20

  1. If you’re going to use a vintage synth as your leaping-off point, this is the way to do it. The wavetables and jacked-up filters are smart additions. I had an MS-20 for a few years and the demos sure say MS to me. The poly mode seems especially interesting. A patch built as a mono sound doesn’t always make a good poly, but when it does, its usually impressive.

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