New User Oscillators For Korg ‘Logue Synthesizers

Developer Mark Moore let us know that he’s released a collection of user oscillators for the Korg ‘Logue synths, including the Prologue, Minilogue XD and NTS-1.

tsoniq viper oscillators recreate classic waveforms and wavetables from the Korg DW-8000, Kawai K3, Ensoniq ESQ-1 and PPG Wave.


  • Dual oscillators
  • High quality, alias-free synthesis core with 16 bit sample resolution
  • Simulated multi-sampling allows tonal shifts at different key ranges
  • Slew-rate limiting for glitch-free modulation
  • Single-stage pitch envelope for ‘auto-bend’ effects and white noise generator
  • Wavetable modulation using the filter EG and shape LFO2

viper is available now for €20.00.

tsoniq ds80 is a ‘Logue user oscillator that emulates the digital waveforms of the vintage Digisound DS-80-21 VCDO rack module .

The use of additive synthesis means that the output is very high quality, with full anti-aliasing. It is also permits efficient compression of the sound data, allowing a full set of 32 wavetables from the PPG Wave to fit into a single ‘Logue plugin.


  • 32 waveforms in 4+1 banks
  • Reproduces variable-sample-rate waveform artefacts
  • Alias-free sample generation
  • Single oscillators plus white noise
  • Waveforms can be selected individually or swept smoothly as a wavetable
  • Bandwidth limiter
  • ‘Analog’ tuning drift’

ds80 is available now as a free download.

3 thoughts on “New User Oscillators For Korg ‘Logue Synthesizers

  1. I must say that I am most impressed with DS80. Not that it is better sounding or anything, because I will be able to upload any of these after the Christmas, but it is how that one was designed. One GS forum member, just one, without any others expressing interest, asked Mark about possibility for implementing shapes stored in some modular oscillator, that even I had problem to find in ModularGrid, then Mark came with a link to product, asking if that was said oscillator. Then day passed and – bam! – plugin was released for free for everybody. That was such hearth warming act I can’t even fully understand how was that possible, just from programmers perspective, to act that fast. O_o

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