Oversynth Front Panel Overlay Kits For Behringer Edge, Crave Now Available

Oversynth.com let us know that it now has front panel overlay kits available for both the Behringer Edge and Crave synthesizers, two of the instruments in their Moog knockoff trilogy.

The overlays address one of the most common criticisms of the Edge and Crave – the color and design of their front panels. The available designs range from classic black and white labeling, above, to various color-coded options. All designs use use high-contrast graphics and large fonts, where possible, for easier viewing in low light.

Each kit comes with a front panel overlay, custom-cut black vinyl strips for masking out the front and back edges of the synth, as well as a sticker showing dip-switch settings for the synth’s MIDI channel.

Pricing and Availability:

The overlays are available now for $35 USD each.

10 thoughts on “Oversynth Front Panel Overlay Kits For Behringer Edge, Crave Now Available

    1. To try to cover the ugliness and the shaming logo, like you try to cover your clear desire to dress dolls and being a little girl.

  1. I was thinking more of a pig/lipstick situation, but I also thought “If its making someone happy and I probably couldn’t I.D. a B* sound in a mix anyway, that frees up my weekend to STFU and tweedle my own rig.” Non-problem solved!

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